A Hammershoi Mystery

Take a look at these two paintings, both by Vilhelm Hammershoi.  We could play spot the difference here, but it is a little obvious.  The one on the left is in the possession of the Cleveland Museum of Art and is called 'Strandgrade, Sunshine'.  The one on the right, Interior, Sunlight on the Floor, is … Continue reading A Hammershoi Mystery

What I did on my travels pt1

 Half term and I needed an arty break! Off I travelled to Paris for the third time in a year, primarily to see Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark on the last night of their tour, but also to go to one of my favourite places: Musee d'Orsay. Went along early and found some more gems. So, … Continue reading What I did on my travels pt1

Hammershøi: Master of Danish Painting

My day started incredibly well. Caught the early train to Paris ...yes this was a day trip for one reason and one reason only: There was a museum with a Vilhelm Hammershøi exhibition on and I wanted to be there! The posts tagged 'Vilhelm Hammershøi; might explain why!  It ended with a terrible return journey … Continue reading Hammershøi: Master of Danish Painting

Met happiness today, and it looked like this!

As we all know, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is huge so this post is going to be small. In a corner of gallery 813 was a small oil by my beloved Vilhelm Hammershoi: Moonlight, Strandgade 30 is a typical interior but, as always, look closely at the brushwork. On the windowsill are two white … Continue reading Met happiness today, and it looked like this!

Hammershoi in ‘colour shocker’!

That's right - colour! Last week, at the Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen, a shocking discovery was made! Take a look, bottom right: Pink! A pink room! By Hammershoi!!! The label says 'Interior in Louis XVI style. From the artist's home, 1897'. In that year, the Hammershois moved into a newly built apartment, Aahuset in Aaboulevard, … Continue reading Hammershoi in ‘colour shocker’!

A Perfect Moment

When I returned to the art world four years ago, I came across a watercolour by Turner that reduced me to tears:  Today, I flew out to Copenhagen with the express wish to discover more about Vilhelm Hammershoi and headed out to the Davids Samling collection. I walked into a room full of Hammershois - … Continue reading A Perfect Moment

Vilhelm Hammershoi

I do keep going on about how wonderful Hammershoi's paintings are: A little question… Copenhagen Interior School Hammershoi in Stockholm Look through any window… Tomorrow sees me in Copenhagen, following in his footsteps and seeing some truly wonderful works of art. Today, Sotherby's tweeted about a rare Hammershoi coming to auction. The last one went … Continue reading Vilhelm Hammershoi

Copenhagen Interior School

In Copenhagen, circa 1890, three artists, Vilhem Hammershoi, Peter Ilsted and Carl Holsoe showed works under the title, The Free Exhibitions. Later, they became known as the Copenhagen Interior School, as all three were focused on showing a tranquility through light, shadow, and enigmatic figures in an interior scene. While this may sound as if … Continue reading Copenhagen Interior School

Hammershoi in Stockholm

This is all about a painting I didn't see. Went to Stockholm this weekend, and, amongst other things, hoped to visit the National Gallery to see this Hammershoi:  Sunlight in the Drawing Room III Good thing I checked first as it's closed for refurbishment until 2018! So, we'll have to enjoy it at a distance … Continue reading Hammershoi in Stockholm

Look through any window…

What do you see? Had this Hollies track in my head all day after spending last night with Vilhelm Hammershoi! Hammershoi was a Danish artist whose dreamy, melancholic interiors are an absolute delight. This one has been at Liverpool Tate as part of the Constallations series and it is absolutely beautiful.         … Continue reading Look through any window…