Barnard Castle – popular lockdown destination for artists…regular and con

Apollo magazine beat me to this, Barnard Castle in art:

Ludlow in art

The market town of Ludlow, Shropshire is a special place for me as I spent many summer holidays roaming the town, while visiting my family.  The castle was a magical ruin where knights fought the battles I read about in my books.  It was also a place full of the history I was to fall … Continue reading Ludlow in art

Alphonse Mucha: So much more than decoration

When people consider the art of Alphonse Mucha, they inevitably would imagine the exquisitely decorative graphic designs that epitomizes the art deco period. But would you think this was by the same artist? This is Abyss in the Depths a Dead Body , a work from 1898. My research has drawn a blank as to … Continue reading Alphonse Mucha: So much more than decoration

A Perfect Moment

When I returned to the art world four years ago, I came across a watercolour by Turner that reduced me to tears:  Today, I flew out to Copenhagen with the express wish to discover more about Vilhelm Hammershoi and headed out to the Davids Samling collection. I walked into a room full of Hammershois - … Continue reading A Perfect Moment

Those most English of English Painters

Having spent my childhood gazing at Constable's Flatford Mill on our living room wall, I had an antipathy towards Constable, this most English of English landscape painters. To me, his images were too simple, too real or just too boring. However, this is clearly not the case. With the Academies laying down the rules as … Continue reading Those most English of English Painters

It’s not just me who loves Turner then!

Being an ex-banker, I still take an interest on monetary issues and the announcement yesterday that he and the Fighting Temeraire are going on the new £20 note made me very happy indeed! Went to the National Gallery today and spent some time in room 34 and their Turners. Enjoyed his early work Dutch Boats … Continue reading It’s not just me who loves Turner then!

Inventing Impressionism: Paul Durand-Ruel and the Modern Art Market

Yesterday was a new experience - an exhibition at the National Gallery and it was all about the impressionists.  Apart from the iconic pieces, I did not know a great deal about the main artists of the time until I read 'Claude and Camille' by Stephanie Cowell: The exhibition centres on Durand-Ruel's relationships with … Continue reading Inventing Impressionism: Paul Durand-Ruel and the Modern Art Market

Loving Turner

This is Turner's Temple of Poseidon at Sunium (Cape Colonna) from around 1834. I confess that I was not a huge fan of Turner's but that probably was more to do with a lack of knowledge more than anything else. He just did landscapes and seascapes, didn't he? That changed when I visited the Tate … Continue reading Loving Turner