It’s all connected…

Went to Oslo this week and visited the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, where I saw some of Damien Hirst's animals in formaldehyde for the first time. Bit of a shocking experience but fascinating. The biggest installation was this, 'God Alone Knows'. Be warned, not for the faint hearted!! Tbe reason I called this … Continue reading It’s all connected…

Francis Bacon- five ways to see Bacon

Francis Bacon: a man troubled by demons from his past and whose figurative art put these on display for all to consider and analyse. However, history and popular culture were equally as important to his work. Bacon, himself, said, “My paintings are not illustrations of reality but...a concentration of reality and a shorthand of sensation” … Continue reading Francis Bacon- five ways to see Bacon

Painterly Techniques

Having no creative talent whatsoever, I often marvel at how an artist actually creates. As a consequence, I try to look closely at the art work so I can see the brush strokes, thickness of paint, blending of colours etc.  At the Sainsbury's Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, I had the chance to get … Continue reading Painterly Techniques

Francis Bacon:Invisible Rooms

Tuesday saw a three hour journey up the M6 after work to attend the private viewing of Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms and it was certainly worth the fact it took another three hours to make it back! The title of the exhibition ‘Invisible Rooms’ is explained by the curator: “Francis Bacon often painted a ghost-like … Continue reading Francis Bacon:Invisible Rooms

The Grotesque and Francis Bacon

When visiting Tate Britain, I find myself revisiting favourite pieces and this is one that began by repelling me and now is a firm favourite. As with all grotesques, there is something compelling about the features.  Who can deny being fascinated by Quinten Massys' The Grotesque Woman, that hangs in The National Gallery? Given … Continue reading The Grotesque and Francis Bacon