“There are things that are not sayable, that is why we have art”

July 2020 saw galleries start to reopen, so a gentle toe into the water followed. Sadly, no excursions abroad for now, so we are still a little virtual!

Lockdown came upon us once again at the end of 2020, and now, in May 2021, we are starting to, once again, reopen our museums and gallery spaces!

A chance encounter with an artist’s work I had never heard of and a challenge involving one I had, has taken me on a journey that I had forgotten can be so enjoyable while challenging that part of us that responds to the visual image.

What is apparent is how everything is connected and, since 2013, I’ve travelled the UK and Europe visiting museums and art galleries to explore one connection after another, following recommendations and taking chances on seeing something I may not like.

Leonora Carrington’s quotation, at the top of the page, resonates so much with me and I hope anyone stopping by this page would agree with her on this point.