Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust

Ahead of a trip to see this exhibition at The Royal Academy, I've been doing some research. Interesting character.

Yoko Ono

Really wish I could visit MoMa in NY to see this Yoko Ono retrospective. Having loved Yoko for years, I am thrilled that the madness of her work is being recognised. She is very much like marmite but she's worth exploring as through the 'weird' stuff are some gems:           … Continue reading Yoko Ono

Well, Sonia Delaunay, you did surprise me!

Thought the reviews were really positive for this exhibition at Tate Modern but they did not really say a great deal about the three murals that I absolutely loved! Another informative and well curated exhibition - I really like visiting Tate Modern because of this - so had high hopes and yes, it all started … Continue reading Well, Sonia Delaunay, you did surprise me!

Merry Go Round

As a child, many summers were spent at Butlins in Skegness. I dreaded these trips for many reasons, but once I was allowed to wander off on my own, I would always head for the Merry Go Round -this one, in fact:   Quite why I wanted to trap myself on this perpetual ride to nowhere … Continue reading Merry Go Round

Let’s Hear it for the Girls 3: Sonia Delauney Read about Sonia Delaunay a while ago.  Brilliant piece in today's Guardian. A most interesting woman, and am delighted to see that Tate Modern is hosting a retrospective mid April. Already booked in!