American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*

  I have had my ticket for this exhibition for months and even booked in a lecture. But, during the wait, my head was turned by the discovery of what looks like an even more exciting exhibition on in San Francisco, Cult of the Machine, that would be impossible to get to! Oh the heartbreak! … Continue reading American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*


Stanley Spencer night on BBC4

Two programmes on Stanley Spencer from 10pm on BBC4.

Nevinson Connects

The Strand at Night, 1937 Amongst the Nerves of the World, 1930 I love Mr Nevinson's work, even if he was a somewhat irascible type of man! These two are from his later period and, especially in Amongst the Nerves, we can see all the influences of his past coming together. Saint Paul's almost fades … Continue reading Nevinson Connects

Lyonel Feininger

A while ago I came across a crazy painting by Lyonel Feininger but promptly forgot about him until this appeared: I was going to do my customary research into this interesting man, but came across a far better piece of writing and more works than you can shake a paintbrush at!! Enjoy the fragmented world … Continue reading Lyonel Feininger

Reality Questioned at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Took a trip down the M5 to Bristol and spent an enjoyable time at this exhibition.  As I have nothing better to do with my time, I wrote about some of the more interesting pieces. Enjoy! Reality Questioned - From Bomberg to Madani Oh yes, and if anyone is in the Bristol area - visit … Continue reading Reality Questioned at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery