Constantin Meunier and 19th Century Realism

A year ago I visited Brussels for a concert and, for the first time, didn't visit an art gallery!  Shortly afterwards I discovered a beautiful painting by a Belgian artist, Leon Spilliaert and vowed to go back to the Musee de Beaux Arts to see his work: Haunting Symbolism:Leon Spilliaert Serendipity struck again when I returned … Continue reading Constantin Meunier and 19th Century Realism

Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Rovereto, Trento, Italy: a Tuesday and one of the best exhibitions my journeys have taken me to! 40mins from Verona, Rovereto is a picturesque town that clearly loves its art and culture. The Museo d'Arte dear Rovereto-Trentino was a surprise in itself: This review of the exhibition describes it much better than I can, so … Continue reading Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Walter Sickert

During my Art journey, Walter Sickert has been an ever-present. As someone I knew about as being a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders - thanks Patricia Cornwall- I hadn't taken too much notice of the late Victorian painter. But, in every other artist from that period, Sickert was an influence. At the Courtauld … Continue reading Walter Sickert

More on David Bomberg

Sometimes insomnia can be a good thing as I've just discovered the online collection of the Ben Uri Gallery Particularly liked Ghetto Theatre from 1920. Painted in 1920, this is a tightly composed work reflects Bomberg's unease following his war experiences. The gallery's website had this to say: In Ghetto Theatre, set in Whitechapel’s lively … Continue reading More on David Bomberg