Mondigliani – Tate Retrospective Informative article on the exhibition at Tate Modern. Genuinely love Modigliani's nudes, it must be confessed!


Georgia O’Keeffe City Lights

Having visited the mammoth retrospective at Tate Modern of Georgia O'Keeffe, I could wax lyrical about her flower paintings and argue whether or not she was exploring the female form a la Freud:  Or, I could describe the majestic beauty of the New Mexican landscapes she knew and understood:  But I won't, as there was … Continue reading Georgia O’Keeffe City Lights

Tate Modern -Permanent Collections

There is an article in today's Observer by Jonathan Jones which reminded me of the trip I made at Easter to look at the permanent collections.  Jones asks "Why are the permanent collection galleries still so aggressively anti-chronological?" and I think I know why. He bemoans the fact that you learn nothing, but what … Continue reading Tate Modern -Permanent Collections