Waldemar Januszczak on Modigliani

The Naked Truth: Modigliani at Tate Modern What Walde said!!  Sublime - the review that is...but the exhibition is a bit of alright as well!        


Georgia O’Keeffe City Lights

Having visited the mammoth retrospective at Tate Modern of Georgia O'Keeffe, I could wax lyrical about her flower paintings and argue whether or not she was exploring the female form a la Freud:  Or, I could describe the majestic beauty of the New Mexican landscapes she knew and understood:  But I won't, as there was … Continue reading Georgia O’Keeffe City Lights

Tate Modern -Permanent Collections

There is an article in today's Observer by Jonathan Jones which reminded me of the trip I made at Easter to look at the permanent collections.  http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/may/10/tate-modern-at-15-shock-of-the-new-art  Jones asks "Why are the permanent collection galleries still so aggressively anti-chronological?" and I think I know why. He bemoans the fact that you learn nothing, but what … Continue reading Tate Modern -Permanent Collections