Artemisia set free

As I write this, England has gone into a four-week lockdown and all our galleries and museums have been hit again by the decision. In the months since they reopened, I have been in a number of galleries and have felt safe in each one. It would be interesting to know the figures for people … Continue reading Artemisia set free

Top 5 of 2018

Here we are again; end of another year of travels with my art... really must think of a new name for this! Another great year of art, with old favourites and new artists arriving at art galleries I made my way to.  With visits to Oslo, Belgium, Berlin and Vienna, this year, there were more … Continue reading Top 5 of 2018

Beyond Caravaggio

Following on from seeing The Seven Acts of Mercy at the RSC, I thought I had better get to the NG before this exhibition ended, especially as I had read Waldemar Januszczak's review and loved it! I was very much looking forward to seeing Caravaggio's Supper at Emmaus and was not disappointed: The theatrical … Continue reading Beyond Caravaggio

Michael Palin’s Quest for Artemisia review: rape, torture and sexism – all in a day’s work for a 17th-century artist | Culture | The Guardian This is well worth watching on catch up. Read the novel years ago and was always interested in Artemesia's work. This one, Judith and her maid servant, is particularly powerful. Check out Holofernes' head in the basket - as Palin said, almost an afterthought!!