John Moores Prize 2016 @ Walker Art Gallery

Made my regular visit to Liverpool to check out the winners and the competitors for this influential prize. The highlights for me were really not in agreement with the jury - only one of the prizewinners was in my top 5: Selma Parlour's One, The Side-ness of In-Out: Loved the palette for this and the … Continue reading John Moores Prize 2016 @ Walker Art Gallery


Well I Never!

Browsing through my page likes on FB, and the National Gallery popped up with an advert  for their new exhibition about the connections between painters and the paintings they possessed:  'Painters' Paintings'. This  Titian:  'Portrait of Gerolamo (?) Barbarigo' was the image they used: I recognised this and was here wondering where on earth I'd … Continue reading Well I Never!