Alphonse Mucha: So much more than decoration

When people consider the art of Alphonse Mucha, they inevitably would imagine the exquisitely decorative graphic designs that epitomizes the art deco period. But would you think this was by the same artist? This is Abyss in the Depths a Dead Body , a work from 1898. My research has drawn a blank as to … Continue reading Alphonse Mucha: So much more than decoration

Paul Nash Mash Up 

My love of war art knows no bounds and Paul Nash is an absolute favourite. His 1942 Totes Meer is the graveyard of war aircraft and is a wonderfully cold sea of twisted metal; a metaphor for the mangled bodies of the war. Last week, I was reading something about Caspar David Friedrich, the German, … Continue reading Paul Nash Mash Up 

Look through any window…

What do you see? Had this Hollies track in my head all day after spending last night with Vilhelm Hammershoi! Hammershoi was a Danish artist whose dreamy, melancholic interiors are an absolute delight. This one has been at Liverpool Tate as part of the Constallations series and it is absolutely beautiful.         … Continue reading Look through any window…

Loving Turner

This is Turner's Temple of Poseidon at Sunium (Cape Colonna) from around 1834. I confess that I was not a huge fan of Turner's but that probably was more to do with a lack of knowledge more than anything else. He just did landscapes and seascapes, didn't he? That changed when I visited the Tate … Continue reading Loving Turner