John Everett and the art of ‘dazzle’ camouflage

I'm quite keen on 'Dazzle' design, so imagine my delight to discover someone else, who was designing these camouflage patterns: John Everett Particularly like The Grain Stores And I really like his seascape!! Think an exploration is called for!!

Look to the Light Into Bondage, Aaron Douglas, NGA, Washington This blog post from National Gallery of Art is an excellent read about an incredibly powerful mural painting by Aaron Douglas. I shared The Art Story's article about his painting, Aspiration a few years ago, after seeing it in America After the Fall. Aspiration by Aaron Douglas This … Continue reading Look to the Light

Watch “Stanley Spencer Gallery Exhibition: Love, Art, Loss: The Wives of Stanley Spencer” on YouTube

Love Art and Loss exhibition video This is an excellent film from the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham. I have visited this delightful gallery twice, and if it were possible, I would go again for this! Some of my other pieces on Stanley! Springtime in Cookham Of Angels and Dirt, Hepworth Gallery A Cookham Homebird … Continue reading Watch “Stanley Spencer Gallery Exhibition: Love, Art, Loss: The Wives of Stanley Spencer” on YouTube

Born of Fire – Aaron Harry Gorson

Born of Fire, Aaron Harry Garson The eighth wonder of the world is this: two pounds of iron-stone purchased onthe shores of lake Superior andtransported to Pittsburgh;two pounds of coal mined in Connellsvilleand manufactured into coke andbrought to Pittsburgh;one half pound of limestone minedeast of the Alleghenies andbrought to Pittsburgh;a little manganese ore,mined in Virginia … Continue reading Born of Fire – Aaron Harry Gorson

Rivers of Steel

These dramatic images come from a 1951 animated film about the steel industry. The 10 minute animation is split into two sections. The first, with dramatic narration and music extols the importance of the steel industry on America. The second is a little more surreal, with a world where steel has vanished. Lovely image of … Continue reading Rivers of Steel

Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations – Part 4

Here we are - the fourth and final part! 14: Hypermnestra to Lynceus John William Waterhouse (1849–1917), The Danaides (1903), oil on canvas, 111 × 154.3 cm, Private collection. Now, this is a strange story. 50 sisters are forced to marry 50 brothers, and the girls are ordered, by their father to murder their husbands … Continue reading Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations – Part 4

Barnard Castle – popular lockdown destination for artists…regular and con

Apollo magazine beat me to this, Barnard Castle in art:


It may be noticeable that I go to Liverpool and the Wirral a lot! Sorely missing my trips up the M6, even though I complain about the jams and mayhem that usually ensues. Of course I spend a lot of time at the Tate, the Walker and the Museum of Liverpool, but there are two … Continue reading Pauline

Theodore Major – Snow at Wigan

Snow at Wigan, Theodore Major Sometimes, your day just begins with such an explosion of joy that the remaining hours have absolutely no chance of competing! Today is such a day. Clark Art in Hale, Cheshire posted a little video of a painting they have recently acquired by the amazing and, frankly, bonkers, Theodore Major. … Continue reading Theodore Major – Snow at Wigan

Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations – Part 3

Here we are at part three, and the stories become even more grisily as we have a whole range of punishments and deaths to contend with! 9: Deianira to Hercules Evelyn De Morgan (1855–1919), Deianira (c 1878), oil on canvas, dimensions not known, Private collection. Here, Evelyn De Morgan depicts Deianira, Hercules’ wife, as a … Continue reading Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations – Part 3

Liverpool-Manchester Locomotive

While I'm not missing going to the supermarket during lockdown, I am missing going to Liverpool, which I seem to do on a regular basis, so when this link to the Museum of Liverpool popped up, I thought I would share it. The first time I was taken round the museum by a knowledgeable … Continue reading Liverpool-Manchester Locomotive

Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations – Part 2

Two years ago, I started a post to explore the 21 epistles in Ovid's Heroides and while I had added paintings relating to all of the letters, I had only explored four of them.  Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations With time on my hands, perhaps it is time to look at the remaining interpretations. So here … Continue reading Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations – Part 2