David Barnes -on my wall!

When I was introduced to Kyffin Williams, I had a real sense of shock - shock at seeing such melancholic, intense landscapes, shock at the depth of the impasto paint that he employed and shock that I had not come across him before! Having made a trip to Swansea to see their collection, I did … Continue reading David Barnes -on my wall!


Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Share Mind-Boggling New Video | News | Clash Magazine

https://www.clashmusic.com/news/orchestral-manoeuvres-in-the-dark-share-mind-boggling-new-video Anyone reading this blog will know that I am a little bit in love with Leonora Carrington and her painting and writings. Chloe Aridjis, author and curator, turned her hand to a docudrama entitled FemaleHumanAnimal, in reference to the anthropomorphic, mythical creatures that populate her paintings and fill her stories. The end titles has … Continue reading Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Share Mind-Boggling New Video | News | Clash Magazine

Mandy Payne: Out of Place

I came across Mandy Payne's work in 2014 at the John Moore's Prize at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool with 'Brutal'. I can distinctly remember walking into the room and spotting it from a distance.  As approached, I was struck by the way you are drawn onto the walkway.  Realising that it was painted onto … Continue reading Mandy Payne: Out of Place

August Strindberg paints!

When I was at uni did a module on plays by Ibsen and August Strindberg and although I liked and understood Ibsen’s work, I did find myself more drawn to Strindberg, especially, the play, Miss Julie. This morning, while sleepless and scrolling I came across this painting by Strindberg called Packis i stranden, which translates … Continue reading August Strindberg paints!

Master of gore: the violent, shocking genius of Jusepe de Ribera | Art and design | The Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/sep/19/jusepe-de-ribera-art-of-violence-master-of-gore-dulwich Another trip to London is on the cards , not least for another viewing of Ribera' s Apollo and Marsyas! https://travelswithmyart.wordpress.com/2018/08/09/royal-museums-of-fine-arts-of-belgium-highlights-2-the-gaze/

Highlights from Vienna 4: Franz Sedlacek

Another artist I had explored before seeing any of his works was Franz Sedlacek: https://wp.me/p5AHEA-Yn The Albertina art gallery was the source of being able to look closely at the brushwork. This is Winter Landscape, from 1925, which reminded me of Breugel's painting. I loved the detail of snow on the trees, in particular. These … Continue reading Highlights from Vienna 4: Franz Sedlacek

Highlights from Vienna 2: What do you mean, you’ve never written about Paul Delvaux?

I'm in Vienna - yes, showing off now and I booked in a visit to the Albertina as was excited to find that one of my favourite 'only ever seen on a screen' works was here. I juat checked on the blog to see what I must have said about this painting and discovered, to … Continue reading Highlights from Vienna 2: What do you mean, you’ve never written about Paul Delvaux?

Highlights from Vienna 1: Evil Mothers – Giovanni Segantini

Early last year I wrote a piece for Daily Art Magazine on Symbolism in Victorian Art One of the paintings under discussion was Evil Mothers by Giovanni Segantini, an artist I have a love/hate relationship with! As with much of the art I talk about, it has probably only been viewed through a screen, although … Continue reading Highlights from Vienna 1: Evil Mothers – Giovanni Segantini

Kyffin Williams…in the flesh!!

I wrote this article for Daily Art after being introduced to Kyffin's work, but hadn't actually seen any .. until today! As I was in Swansea, I thought I would pop in to Glynn Vivian Gallery to see what they had on display! Oh joy, oh rapture (to quote The Scarecrow) Also bought the monograph-early … Continue reading Kyffin Williams…in the flesh!!

The Singh Twins

A current exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery was today's trip out. The Slaves of Fashion exhibition explores the history of Indian textiles and weaves the story of Empire, slavery and the way consumerism gas impacted on a global scale. A series of 11 panels tell this story in a stunning way. Each panel is full … Continue reading The Singh Twins

Life in Motion — Egon Schiele and Francesca Woodman, Tate Liverpool – Waldemar Januszczak

http://www.waldemar.tv/2018/06/life-in-motion-egon-schiele-and-francesca-woodman-tate-liverpool/ Today will be spent on the company of the challenging Egon Schiele, so with Vienna next on the horizon. I had better get to grips with what, on first appearances is strange and unusual. Won't be able to match the delicious prose of Mr Januszczak, but will give it a go later!!

Happy birthday Mr Nevinson!

Born on this day in 1889, CRW Nevinson never fails to surprise me. Last week, in Ghent, I stumbled across this work: Titled The Strafing and painted in 1916, this is an exquisite example of the paintings Nevinson made 'unofficially' about the war befire his appointment as an official war artist. Nevinson did not fight … Continue reading Happy birthday Mr Nevinson!

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Highlights 2: The Gaze

I thought I'd take a different take on the paintings I looked at as I started to be enthralled by the number of 'gazes' I came across. WARNING: There may be scenes of a 'distressing' nature coming up. Bet that keeps a few of you reading! The Last Judgement, 15th Century I love a good … Continue reading Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Highlights 2: The Gaze