Let’s Hear it for the Girls 12: Nan Youngman

Twitter has become an excellent source of finding art and artists I haven't come across before. Thanks to Grim Art, I was introduced to Nan Youngman, and a little research brought this bottle kiln beauty into my list of 'wants'. Kiln at Stoke 1953 The deep colour of the factory walls as they curve along … Continue reading Let’s Hear it for the Girls 12: Nan Youngman

Born of Fire – Aaron Harry Gorson

Born of Fire, Aaron Harry Garson The eighth wonder of the world is this: two pounds of iron-stone purchased onthe shores of lake Superior andtransported to Pittsburgh;two pounds of coal mined in Connellsvilleand manufactured into coke andbrought to Pittsburgh;one half pound of limestone minedeast of the Alleghenies andbrought to Pittsburgh;a little manganese ore,mined in Virginia … Continue reading Born of Fire – Aaron Harry Gorson

Rivers of Steel

These dramatic images come from a 1951 animated film about the steel industry. The 10 minute animation is split into two sections. The first, with dramatic narration and music extols the importance of the steel industry on America. The second is a little more surreal, with a world where steel has vanished. Lovely image of … Continue reading Rivers of Steel

Maurice Wade: Painter of light and shade

“In answer to the question as to why I paint in the way I do, employing mostly a hard formalism with an emphasis on geometrical shapes and sombre-toned colours, I would say that in this way I am best able to interpret the particular character of the situation.”   Thanks to a good and knowledgeable … Continue reading Maurice Wade: Painter of light and shade

Cranes …yes, cranes

Not the feathered type either, but the industrial kind. Coming from the Midlands, our industrial heritage has always been a fascination. I was born not far from where James Watt had his factory and my family research has uncovered just how many of my ancestors worked in the industries of Birmingham and the Black Country. … Continue reading Cranes …yes, cranes