The Art and Relationship of Scottish Colourists Johnj Duncan Fergusson and Anne Estelle Rice | Scottish Art | Sotheby’s Started reading a lot of articles from Sotherby's and found this a delight; just like the art works described. Really wish I could write like this! JOHN DUNCAN FERGUSSON, ALPES MARITIMES.ESTIMATE £30,000-50,000 ANNE ESTELLE RICE, IN THE VALLEY . ESTIMATE 12,000- 18,000.


David Barnes -on my wall!

When I was introduced to Kyffin Williams, I had a real sense of shock - shock at seeing such melancholic, intense landscapes, shock at the depth of the impasto paint that he employed and shock that I had not come across him before! Having made a trip to Swansea to see their collection, I did … Continue reading David Barnes -on my wall!