It may be noticeable that I go to Liverpool and the Wirral a lot! Sorely missing my trips up the M6, even though I complain about the jams and mayhem that usually ensues. Of course I spend a lot of time at the Tate, the Walker and the Museum of Liverpool, but there are two … Continue reading Pauline

Marble as flesh

“If you gods can give all things, may I have as my wife, I pray… one like the ivory maiden.” Picasso and the myth of Pygmalion A while ago I explored the myth of Pygmalion alongside Picasso's paintings and even earlier found the wonderful Antonio Corradini statue, 'Purity': Insomnia gems   Today I looked at three works … Continue reading Marble as flesh

The Hidden Gaze

One of the reasons that I enjoy this journey so much occurred this morning,  when I found a statue by an artist I have already written about that then led me to a new topic.  In this instance, the statue was by the African American sculptor,  Augusta Savage and the statue was this one: The reason … Continue reading The Hidden Gaze

Mike Nelson at Tate Britain review — junkyard sculptures lament our industrial past – Waldemar Januszczak On my last visit to Tate Britain, I wandered through this labyrinth of old, disused machinery with the wonder that seems to be an integral part of my genetic make-up. Waldemar describes it much more eloquently than I can, but here are some of my photographs, with some added effects!

Melancholy by Albert György 

Quite often you can agonize over a painting's meaning, either directly or through the use of metaphor. However, with this sculpture by Albert György, a Romanian-born sculptor, who resides in Switzerland, there is no subtle interpretation to be gleaned from this. For anyone who has ever felt the loneliness of a 100 rooms, or the … Continue reading Melancholy by Albert György 

The one that got away…Berlinische Galerie

I am meticulous with my planning for trips: you want an itinerary drawn up, I'm your girl. I learn from mistakes so, for example, I rarely travel so that I am in cities on a Monday. Most galleries close on Mondays. Occasionally, I've been caught out on other days, so I do a double check. … Continue reading The one that got away…Berlinische Galerie

Gillian Wearing and the Millicent Fawcett statue Fantastic report on the unveiling of Gillian Wearing's statue in Parliament Square today with film, photos and a fact file on the Suffragist, Millicent Fawcett. As the great, great niece of someone who fought for our right to the vote but who died before she saw the benefit, it is marvellous to see such … Continue reading Gillian Wearing and the Millicent Fawcett statue

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi in Birmingham

Catch a train from Birmingham New Street to the University stop. Turn left out the station and you will see this colossus in the distance It is Faraday sitting in a chair by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. (I've mentioned him already today) Half man, half machine, Paolozzi captures the essence of science and technology. Dedicated to … Continue reading Sir Eduardo Paolozzi in Birmingham

Genesis: Jacob Epstein

With my ‘nom de plume’ being Rock Drill, you would be right if you assumed that I had a fondness for Jacob Epstein. At Liverpool’s Bluecoat, there is an exhibit:In the Peaceful Dome, where the centrepiece is a 1931 Epstein statue entitled ‘Genesis’ . Carved from marble, this beautiful work depicts a woman in the … Continue reading Genesis: Jacob Epstein

Happy birthday, Lucifer

70 years ago yesterday, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery took charge of a magnificent statue by Jacob Epstein, named 'Lucifer' Towards the end of the second world war, Epstein was becoming more fascinated by the story of the fallen angel.  Inspired by a quotation from Milton: He above the rest In shape and gesture proudly … Continue reading Happy birthday, Lucifer

Epstein, the hero! With all that has transpired in the US over the past few weeks, the story of Churchill's bust being returned to the Oval Office was low on the list of priorities, having never taken too much notice of this little nugget of controversy in the past. Discovering that it was sculpted by Jacob Epstein, … Continue reading Epstein, the hero! 

Insomnia gems

Being productive when unable to sleep pays off sometimes.  I was exploring veiled statues, as you do, as was interested in finding out about their use on sarcophagi. And, as luck would have it, Antonio Corradini, an 18th century Venetian was an expert in the technique of carving an exquisite figure covered in a diaphanous … Continue reading Insomnia gems

Paul Nash Mash-up

My love of war art and Vorticist collided yesterday at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in a piece by Phillip King called Shogun. Although King said that he was inspired by a ball bearing he saw on the side of the road, what I could see in this sculpture of wood and metal was a merging … Continue reading Paul Nash Mash-up