Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations

This holiday I am looking at three texts: Homer’s The Odyssey, Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad and Ovid’s Heroides.  The reason? Interpretation. Every time we read or view a piece of writing, poetry or artwork, we interpret. It is what makes us human in many ways.  The first two books are old friends, especially Homer but … Continue reading Ovid’s Heroides – Artist Interpretations

The Perseus Story – Edward Burne-Jones

At Southampton City Art Gallery, I stumbled upon this permanent exhibition, beautifully presented in an oak panel room. My mouth fell open at the sight of ten...yes, ten large panels by Edward Burne-Jones telling the story of Perseus. Some are the 'rough' sketches of the paintings to come but they are genuinely stunning. It sometimes … Continue reading The Perseus Story – Edward Burne-Jones

Love is Enough – Andy Warhol and William Morris at Birmingham MAG

I was a little sceptical of this as I found it difficult to see the connection.  I really like Jeremy Deller, so had faith that he would deliver something special here. I am in two minds about this exhibition.  Aesthetically, I can see the connections.  Deller said that he was looking at how politics, aestheticsm … Continue reading Love is Enough – Andy Warhol and William Morris at Birmingham MAG