Temptation of the surreal

Amongst the countless images of religious figures, stories, ideas and themes, one in particular is the basis of this post: The Temptation of Saint Anthony. To precis: St Anthony was born around 251 in Egypt.  A Christian monk, who it is believed was one of the first to go into the wilderness.  His story is … Continue reading Temptation of the surreal

Lest we forget? IWM North

At the end of this interactive, immersive exhibition, we are asked to consider the question posed by its title and vote on a scale of how in danger of 'forgetting' the First World War we are. The title is normally to be found on war memorials all over the world. Originally used by Rudyard Kipling … Continue reading Lest we forget? IWM North

Stanley Spencer – Of Angels and Dirt – Hepworth Wakefield

When I went to Cookham earlier in the year, it was a lovely warm day and the little gallery was a joy:  Springtime in Cookham But, yesterday's trip had a very different feel to it - weather was a bit grim and somehow, Spencer's work left me feeling a little despondent at first. In fact, … Continue reading Stanley Spencer – Of Angels and Dirt – Hepworth Wakefield

Springtime in Cookham

On a lovely spring day, I jumped into my gorgeous Fiat and headed south on the M40. Within two hours I was with my  friend and we were on a little adventure to find out more about Stanley Spencer. Every visit to Tate Britain ends with a tour round the 1910 room and time with … Continue reading Springtime in Cookham

Some you win, some you lose

In addition to the exhibitions, I'm also looking to visit smaller galleries in search of a certain number of artists I am interested in: Christopher Nevinson, David Bomberg, Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer.Leamington Spa Gallery was my first attempt - they have a Spencer and a Nevinson in their collection. It would be easy to call them … Continue reading Some you win, some you lose

First trip of the year: Part One- Flat Stanley

Made a journey to Manchester Art Gallery to see Stanley Spencer: Heaven in Hell and also The Sensory War. At The Tate, I now always go to the 1910 gallery as my favourite paintings are on display there.  Spencer's Resurrection, Cookham is fascinating to see as there is always something new to spot and the … Continue reading First trip of the year: Part One- Flat Stanley

January Journeys

COMING UP THIS MONTH: Manchester Art Gallery to see The Sensory War 1914-2014 and Stanley Spencer: Heaven in a Hell of War. http://www.manchestergalleries.org/whats-on/exhibitions/index.php-itemID=121.html http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/nov/06/stanley-spencer-first-world-war-paintings-uk-tour   Whitechapel Gallery, London for Adventures of the Black Square http://www.whitechapelgallery.org http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-reviews/11344507/Abstract-Art-and-Society-1915-2015-Whitechapel-Gallery-review-a-journey-worth-taking.html