The Dragon Gate of Güell Pavilions, Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí

  Affected by the growing consumer market in design, art and architecture, the movement, known as 'Art Nouveau' or New Art, was embraced by all nations throughout Europe. It could be said that the clean, sensuous lines of Art Nouveau were formed as a backlash to the stuffy Victorian model and compounded by the political … Continue reading The Dragon Gate of Güell Pavilions, Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí

Alfonse Mucha and ‘La Natura’

Earlier this year I took an online course with Oxford University's Continuing Studies and it was all about Art Nouveau.  Not my favourite period, although there are elements I really enjoy. I was asked to write about one piece of art from that time and the choice was this, La Natura by Alphonse Mucha. The … Continue reading Alfonse Mucha and ‘La Natura’

Rennie Mackintosh at the Walker

It's taken three attempts to come and see this exhibition. Thank goodness I am a Museum of Liverpool member, as this could have been costly!! The name Cameron Rennie Mackintosh is synonymous with the Art Nouveau movement, and today items based on his designs can be seen in many a souvenir shop nestled in National … Continue reading Rennie Mackintosh at the Walker