Born of Fire – Aaron Harry Gorson

Born of Fire, Aaron Harry Garson The eighth wonder of the world is this: two pounds of iron-stone purchased onthe shores of lake Superior andtransported to Pittsburgh;two pounds of coal mined in Connellsvilleand manufactured into coke andbrought to Pittsburgh;one half pound of limestone minedeast of the Alleghenies andbrought to Pittsburgh;a little manganese ore,mined in Virginia … Continue reading Born of Fire – Aaron Harry Gorson

America’s Cool Modernism review – soulful struggles against a skyscraping new world | Art and design | The Guardian Am not going to this until May but what I'm seeing is making me want to jump in the car right now. Ekphrasis and Charles Demuth

Andrew Wyeth:beauty, tranquility and melancholy

My three favourite words and the perfect way to describe the paintings of American realist artist, Andrew Wyeth. The first of the three is the famous Christina's World. This painting has a personal resonance for me and is difficult to write about. Wyeth knew the owners of the farm, a brother and sister. Due to … Continue reading Andrew Wyeth:beauty, tranquility and melancholy

Hopper and Woolf

I had started to think about literary quotes that fit my favourite paintings. Hopper's 1931 Hotel Room exudes the melancholy that anonymous rooms can convey. The quotation is from Virginia Woolf's The Waves. The idea of nothingness is a theme that so many of Hopper's works reveal to us.

David Lynch is a Hopper Fan! 

When your favourite director channels one of your favourite artists, you know all is right in the world...even the bizarre and surreal world of Twin Peaks!  In this week's episode, #8, for those who want to know, a scene unfolded in a radio station which rang all my arty bells!  Yep, it's obviously the 1940 … Continue reading David Lynch is a Hopper Fan! 

American Gothic: a state visit to Britain for the first couple | Art and design | The Guardian I saw this exhibition in Paris last year and cannot recommend it enough. This is an amazing work to see up.close, but the rest of the exhibition is even more spectacular than this! 

Voyages à Paris Very excited to discover this exhibition, America After the Fall - American Painting in the 1930s, will be at Musee l'Orangerie in October...oh, and I'll just happen to be there too!!!! Excited that I'll get to see this before it comes to the UK!!! 

John Sloan and the NY Metropolis 

Came across a new artist for me to explore: John Sloan (1871-1951) Born in Pennsylvania, Sloan moved to New York in 1904.  These four images encapsulate the modernity of New York at the turn of the century. His depictions of the newly installed electric lighting is gorgeous.  This final image is my favourite with the … Continue reading John Sloan and the NY Metropolis