Maurice Wade: Painter of light and shade

“In answer to the question as to why I paint in the way I do, employing mostly a hard formalism with an emphasis on geometrical shapes and sombre-toned colours, I would say that in this way I am best able to interpret the particular character of the situation.”   Thanks to a good and knowledgeable … Continue reading Maurice Wade: Painter of light and shade


At one with the elements: the paintings of Jack Simcock | Art UK A very interesting piece by my good friend at Trent Art about a painter whose work captures melancholic landscapes at their best!

Lowry and Chaplin

Just saw this Lowry on Manchester Art Gallery's FB page: Their caption reads: The subject of this painting is the laying of a foundation stone of a new school. Although it was supposed to be a dignified, serious occasion, Lowry found the ceremony pompous and its participants comic. The man laying the foundation stone was … Continue reading Lowry and Chaplin

James Lawrence Isherwood

Huge lover of Northern Art, so just had to buy this book, The Northern School - A reappraisal by Martin Regan.  Enjoying reading about artists old and new but almost fell off the chair when I saw this painting by Isherwood: Wigan, Top Place. The paintings of Isherwood's that I have seen before are usually … Continue reading James Lawrence Isherwood

George Chapman: dark and brooding

Subscribing to art Facebook feeds is rewarding when you find gems like this 1960 painting by George Chapman, called The Bridge: The dark, brooding sky threatens the landscape and the three figures in the foreground tell their own story. Given that school resumes tomorrow, the weather has changed for the worse and my bags … Continue reading George Chapman: dark and brooding

Lowry – He painted more than matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs

If you are of a certain age, you will remember two men in cloth caps singing about LS Lowry in Mancunian accents and, if like me, they scared the life out of you, you would probably have taken a long time to look at a Lowry painting up close! Having visited the Lowry Centre in … Continue reading Lowry – He painted more than matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs

Lowry and Major in Southport

It's not often a plan comes together, but today was almost as perfect as you could make it. The exhibition is in one room and the paintings are almost, but not quite alternated between Lowry and Major. It was overwhelming to be in the room as so many Majors as I've only seen one in … Continue reading Lowry and Major in Southport

Theodore Major – Wigan, England, The World, The Universe

On a visit to Clark Art in Hale, Manchester, I saw this painting  which brought about a great love of Northern Art.  The size of a wall - this was a spectacular painting that led me to explore more of Theodore Major's work. Encompassing so many emotions in one canvas - the bowed figure saturated … Continue reading Theodore Major – Wigan, England, The World, The Universe

Theodore Major

A visit to Clark Art introduced me to the adorably cantankerous  Wigan artist, Theodore Major,  and it was where I fell in love with this: The painting was simply breath taking.  The man himself was quite a character as you can see from this clip of a TV documentary: His work has an incredible … Continue reading Theodore Major