Let’s Hear it for the Girls 14: Luchita Hurtado

The vast arena of the art world is truly something to marvel at. My love of all this takes me all over the world and throughout time discovering stories and information about art and artists alike. Finding new artists to write about is my raison d'etra and here is one that I am thrilled to … Continue reading Let’s Hear it for the Girls 14: Luchita Hurtado

The ‘Other’ O’Keeffe Girl

When you speak of great artists, the use of their surname is enough to tell you who they were and what they achieved: Picasso, Van Gogh, Bosch, O’Keeffe...Wait, how many of you stopped at this surname and asked “Which O’Keeffe do you mean?”. There was more than one O’Keeffe working in paint but her obscurity … Continue reading The ‘Other’ O’Keeffe Girl

American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*

  I have had my ticket for this exhibition for months and even booked in a lecture. But, during the wait, my head was turned by the discovery of what looks like an even more exciting exhibition on in San Francisco, Cult of the Machine, that would be impossible to get to! Oh the heartbreak! … Continue reading American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*

Black Abstraction. A story in 200 words

This story begins with a dot. Tiny, insignificant and in the dark. Dot has travelled far. There is a light within Dot but poor Dot is overwhelmed by the darkness, trapped in its inky centre. If we look carefully, however, there is a faint halo of light within the darkness that may or may not … Continue reading Black Abstraction. A story in 200 words

Josef Albers

I went to the Barber Institute today as a treat from doing my marking!  They have a small exhibition on called 'Chance, Order, Change' with 11 pieces from 1939-89. http://barber.org.uk/chance-order-change-3/ Amongst the 11 there were three that stood out for me, all by Josef Albers. The name was not familiar as such, but the works … Continue reading Josef Albers

Agnes Martin – a journey into tranquility

Whenever I feel really stressed out, I have the words of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to hold onto to - 'Imagine yourself in a boat by a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies' - and I take the journey through this landscape, just lying back on that boat, gently moving along with … Continue reading Agnes Martin – a journey into tranquility

The most expensive painting in the world…

I watched this BBC documentary by the lovely Alaistair Sooke from 2011 yesterday: The World's Most Expensive Paintings The most expensive painting at the time was the glorious Nude, Green Leaves and Bust by Picasso which I got to see back in April at Tate Modern. But since this documentary was made, the market has … Continue reading The most expensive painting in the world…

Victor Servranckx 

It being such a sunny day, my thoughts would usually turn to the dark and disturbing...but not today as I've been looking at a Belgian abstract artist by the name of Victor Servranckx. He remained true to his belief of abstract art throughout his career and I am particularly drawn to his abstract-geometric work, especially … Continue reading Victor Servranckx 

Countdown to Picasso and Dali

Not long to go now so am aiming to find some interesting snippets about Pablo and Salvadore leading up to my visit. Number 1: Picasso loved boobs! Yes, we've all seen them, and I'm not aware of anyone going blind when confronted with a pair,  but apparently Fox TV network was so horrified by them … Continue reading Countdown to Picasso and Dali