Umberto Boccioni – Panic in the Disco!

One of my favourite sculptures was created by Italian Futurist, Umberto Boccioni - Unique Forms of Continuity in Space: Some thoughts on Futurism In terms of paintings, I have been more drawn to Gino Severini and to Carlo Carra, so when this painting appeared on one of the numerous sites I visit, I was more than … Continue reading Umberto Boccioni – Panic in the Disco!

Estorick Collection

Don't often write about a venue but I can't recommend a visit to the Estorick Collection in Islington enough. Estorick Collection Website Nestled behind an brick wall, the newly extended and renovared building houses a magical collection of Italian Futurist art, collected by Mr and Mrs Estorick. If you want to see Balla, Carra, Russolo … Continue reading Estorick Collection

Post 200-Balla and Stravinsky

I was looking for a suitable painting to evoke the thrill of fireworks in order to wish everyone a happy new year and came across this work from one of my favourite Futurists, Giacomo Balla:  Further investigation revealed that this was from the set of Ivor Stravinsky's ballet  This blog has an extract from Stravinsky's … Continue reading Post 200-Balla and Stravinsky

Some thoughts on Futurism

​In ‘The Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism’ (1909) FT Marinetti, a leading figure in Italian Art culture, ignited a movement that blasted its way onto the world stage in the early 20th century. Marinetti called upon the destruction of museums, libraries and academies in order to reject the rules and functions of these institutions; to … Continue reading Some thoughts on Futurism

Tullio Crali- The Need for Speed

Just like a good box of chocolates, I feel I should ration the amount of wonderful paintings I want to share from my Italian sojourn. So here is La Forza della curva from 1930-a truly beautiful work: The gallery label had this to say and it is almost as poetic as this gloriously dynamic piece … Continue reading Tullio Crali- The Need for Speed

Gino Severini, Cannoni in azione 1915

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love the period 1910-1920 and I am bowled over by this wonderful work by Severini that I found in Rovereto. Immediately, I knew it had to be the companion to one of my most favourite paintings of all...drum roll... CRW Nevinson's La Mitrailleuse.  Wouldn't you agree? … Continue reading Gino Severini, Cannoni in azione 1915

Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Rovereto, Trento, Italy: a Tuesday and one of the best exhibitions my journeys have taken me to! 40mins from Verona, Rovereto is a picturesque town that clearly loves its art and culture. The Museo d'Arte dear Rovereto-Trentino was a surprise in itself: This review of the exhibition describes it much better than I can, so … Continue reading Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Fast and Furious in Italy

So a visit to a European country before the passport is revoked is up in a couple of weeks and what do I find just an hour from where I'm staying? Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Roverto  The utopian City From the Futurist metropolis to EUR42 and Painters of light From Divisionism … Continue reading Fast and Furious in Italy

Futurism in Islington

I've been on the lookout for new galleries to visit and found a beauty in Islington: the Estorick Collection. This is a collection of paintings, lithographs and drawing from the Futurist artists. Amongst the paintings was a wonderful find: Music by Luigi Russolo. Having only seen it in a book, I was so excited to … Continue reading Futurism in Islington

Now you see him…now you don’t!

My favourite section of Tate Britain has to be the moment I turn into the 1910 and 1915 rooms. Everyone I love is there: Nevison, Epstein, Gertler, Bomberg, Wyndham Lewis to name but a few. There has been a rehang and the two rooms are now combined. Bomberg's Mud Bath is now pride of place: These … Continue reading Now you see him…now you don’t!

Italian Futurism: Reconstructing the Universe

This exhibition was at The Guggenheim last year and the interactive addition is worth wandering through. The short essays give an overview of different areas and there is a short video about the works on display.  Enjoy!  Italian Futurism at The Guggenheim, 2014 How good would it be to see this piccolo bellezza?  

Luigi Russolo and a Dystopian Vision

I love connections, so what links the following: Luigi Russolo, Yevgeny Zamyatin and John Cage? Reading Electronic Sound, I was interested to see how John Cage predicted the future of music. Cage said, in 1937, "I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase unti we reach a music produced … Continue reading Luigi Russolo and a Dystopian Vision