Painting with Light

The latest Tate Britain exhibition has been a little quiet: no one I know has been, no reviews that I've spotted but it's got the Pre Raphaelites, so what's not to like? To be honest, there wasn't much and this one left me a little cold - I even felt weary of seeing the Pre … Continue reading Painting with Light

The Perseus Story – Edward Burne-Jones

At Southampton City Art Gallery, I stumbled upon this permanent exhibition, beautifully presented in an oak panel room. My mouth fell open at the sight of ten...yes, ten large panels by Edward Burne-Jones telling the story of Perseus. Some are the 'rough' sketches of the paintings to come but they are genuinely stunning. It sometimes … Continue reading The Perseus Story – Edward Burne-Jones

Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion

When it came out that the Walker were putting on a Pre-Raphaelite exhibition, I was a tad excited: what's not to like here!  It was tantalising to wonder whether there would be anything that would grab my attention as I've been to a few of these over the years. I really liked the idea of … Continue reading Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion

Beata Beatrix

I have avoided writing too much on the Pre Raphaelites as 1. I am a complete bore about this subject and 2. there are much better blogs than mine out there on the subject but as I am off to Liverpool for their PreRaphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion, I couldn't resist adding my favourite Rossetti oil painting to … Continue reading Beata Beatrix

ER Hughes:Enchanted Dreams at BMAG

My first love was the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood - could not get enough of that Rosetti, Byrne Jones and Hunt! Despite all the reading I have done over the years, this young acolyte has passed me by...that is until yesterday. It was surprising that I recognised quite a few pieces but that is because Hughes's works … Continue reading ER Hughes:Enchanted Dreams at BMAG

Where it all started

Three works of art stand out from my childhood as every summer, we would be taken to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Two of them: The Blind Girl by Millais and The Last of England by Ford Madox Brown, sparked my imagination and started my passion for Pre-Raphaelite art.  I would rush to see the … Continue reading Where it all started