“The evil that men do…” Don McCullin at Tate Liverpool

This line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar resonated with me as I spent my birthday exploring the work of photojournalist, Don McCullin. Not a cheery way to celebrate, but anyone who knows me knows this ticks all my boxes. However, this was a hard journey to go on. Room after room revealed conflict after conflict and … Continue reading “The evil that men do…” Don McCullin at Tate Liverpool

Keith Haring at Tate Liverpool

Think this will be short - go and see this!!! Guess I should fill in some of the space here. This is a marvellous exhibition of someone whose work I knew just a little of, but this was a real education into his brief, but action packed career. The early beginnings are really interesting and … Continue reading Keith Haring at Tate Liverpool

Ernst, Miro, Tate Liverpool and a slice of cake

That is a title that has never been used before!! Tate Membership means I skip between London and Liverpool...a lot, so I get my money's worth. First tip is to have the chocolate and orange mousse cake in Tate Liverpool with 10% off. That put me in the mood for a fun day with Haring, … Continue reading Ernst, Miro, Tate Liverpool and a slice of cake

Je suis désolée, Fernand. I was wrong!

Fernand Léger at Tate Liverpool Remember this?  I struggled with Léger when I went to see the current exhibition at Tate Liverpool.  I even laughed when the first work I saw at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris last month was Les Disques from 1918! Would I never understand Fernand? It was bothering me … Continue reading Je suis désolée, Fernand. I was wrong!

Life in Motion — Egon Schiele and Francesca Woodman, Tate Liverpool – Waldemar Januszczak

http://www.waldemar.tv/2018/06/life-in-motion-egon-schiele-and-francesca-woodman-tate-liverpool/ Today will be spent on the company of the challenging Egon Schiele, so with Vienna next on the horizon. I had better get to grips with what, on first appearances is strange and unusual. Won't be able to match the delicious prose of Mr Januszczak, but will give it a go later!!

John Piper…revisited

I popped into Tate Liverpool today as I was in town because I had struggled with the majority of the works Piper did, with the exception of these two: John Piper and the Artistic War Effort I hate giving up on an artist, so thought I would have another go. It was much quieter today … Continue reading John Piper…revisited

John Piper and the artistic war effort

At Tate Liverpool until 18th March is an interesting exploration of John Piper's work. If honest, I wasn't that gripped by his landscapes and abstractions although found the influence of Picasso et al on his abstract pieces interesting. However, when it came to his contribution as an official war artist in WW2, I was completely … Continue reading John Piper and the artistic war effort

Blue, blue,electric blue: Yves Klein – Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-liverpool/exhibition/yves-klein Cannot get Bowie's Sound and Vision out of my head following this week's culture visit.  Having seen one of Klein's blue canvases at the Pompidou Centre, I was intrigued to see what a whole room would look like and what you find on the top floor of Tate Liverpool is actually mind-blowing.  International Klein … Continue reading Blue, blue,electric blue: Yves Klein – Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

Ella Kruglyanskaya

A New York artist, born in 1978, her works are in the small gallery space on the ground floor at Tate Liverpool. While some canvases were of still life, the majority were of women in acts of such as sunbathing, gossiping  and even shooting one another. Did feel a little depressed at the concept, was … Continue reading Ella Kruglyanskaya

Francis Bacon:Invisible Rooms

Tuesday saw a three hour journey up the M6 after work to attend the private viewing of Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms and it was certainly worth the fact it took another three hours to make it back! The title of the exhibition ‘Invisible Rooms’ is explained by the curator: “Francis Bacon often painted a ghost-like … Continue reading Francis Bacon:Invisible Rooms

Would you credit it-I like Pollock! 

Of all the art movements I've been trying to get to grips with, Abstract Expressionism is the one I have hadthe most  trouble with. I've been thinking it's like reading James Joyce. His early works are like the Impressionists, you understand the story but the language blurs that understanding at times. Then you move onto … Continue reading Would you credit it-I like Pollock! 

Art Turning Left

Tate Liverpool curated an excellent exhibition based around the premise that Art can set you free.  It was an opportunity to see the Death of Marat up close and personal, which was too good to miss.     To complement my experiences, I drew on a variety of sources to put together this document of … Continue reading Art Turning Left

Liverpool Biennial August 2014 Part One

THE CHALLENGE: To visit 10 exhibits linked to the Liverpool Biennial Getting Started Success for any trip is a good hotel. Stayed at Z Hotel on North John Street. Room was comfy, staff were friendly and there was complimentary wine and cheese in the evening. It was rude to refuse!   First Stop: The Old … Continue reading Liverpool Biennial August 2014 Part One