American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*

  I have had my ticket for this exhibition for months and even booked in a lecture. But, during the wait, my head was turned by the discovery of what looks like an even more exciting exhibition on in San Francisco, Cult of the Machine, that would be impossible to get to! Oh the heartbreak! … Continue reading American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*

Art of fanatical efficiency that has more to do with your Facebook feed than you think – The Washington Post If there was any reason for me to the in the US right now, it would be for this amazing exhibition that brings together the artists who sit together under the Precisionist umbrella. The de Young Museum in San Francisco has named this 'The Cult of the Machine' and the works they have brought … Continue reading Art of fanatical efficiency that has more to do with your Facebook feed than you think – The Washington Post

A discussion on Elsie Driggs’s Pittsburgh

Elsie Driggs's 'Pittsburgh' is one of my 'favourite paintings I want to see one day' as you'll know from this post: Let's hear it for the girls 1: Elsie Driggs Imagine my delight in finding this video from the Witney in New York: Enjoy!

America’s Cool Modernism review – soulful struggles against a skyscraping new world | Art and design | The Guardian Am not going to this until May but what I'm seeing is making me want to jump in the car right now. Ekphrasis and Charles Demuth

I’ve found another precisionist!

Joy!  The UK has come to a standstill today - bit of snow, usual drill...PANIC!!! To pass the time, I have had a rummage around the internet and spotted this: and thought that has a touch of the Sheeler's about it, but surely I hadn't missed one of his paintings!  Looked a little closer and … Continue reading I’ve found another precisionist!

The Divine Ms Driggs

I wrote about the precisionist artist Elsie Driggs previously: Let's hear it for the girls 1 But have to share this gorgeous example of her work that is held at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston. You can hear the wind buffering against the sleek, metal casing and that sky is full of menace. … Continue reading The Divine Ms Driggs

American Gothic: a state visit to Britain for the first couple | Art and design | The Guardian I saw this exhibition in Paris last year and cannot recommend it enough. This is an amazing work to see up.close, but the rest of the exhibition is even more spectacular than this! 

Charles Sheeler, Precisionist

  I've been reminded that I bought this gorgeous book about the work of the American artist, Charles Sheeler: Sheeler, born in Philadelphia in 1883, was one of the leading artists in the modern movement in America in the 1920s and his works explored the changing landscape that industrialisation was creating. Where Sheeler differs from … Continue reading Charles Sheeler, Precisionist

Let’s hear it for the girls 1: Elsie B Driggs

As with literature, we often find ourselves admiring the dead white males, but what about the women in art? Elsie B Driggs has become one of my favourite artists. Roaming around the Witney Museum of American Art website, I stumbled across Elsie while reading about the American Precisionists. This image of Pittsburgh steel mills was … Continue reading Let’s hear it for the girls 1: Elsie B Driggs