Top 5 of 2018

Here we are again; end of another year of travels with my art... really must think of a new name for this! Another great year of art, with old favourites and new artists arriving at art galleries I made my way to.  With visits to Oslo, Belgium, Berlin and Vienna, this year, there were more … Continue reading Top 5 of 2018

Bomberg at Ben Uri

In this photograph from taken at the annual Slade School of Fine Art picnic from 1912, a remarkable set of students stare out at us. In the front row, Christopher Nevinson sits with his closest friend, Mark Gertler; the young working class lad assuredly sitting with his more affluent friends.  Adrian Allinson and Stanley Spencer … Continue reading Bomberg at Ben Uri

Painterly Techniques

Having no creative talent whatsoever, I often marvel at how an artist actually creates. As a consequence, I try to look closely at the art work so I can see the brush strokes, thickness of paint, blending of colours etc.  At the Sainsbury's Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, I had the chance to get … Continue reading Painterly Techniques

More on David Bomberg

Sometimes insomnia can be a good thing as I've just discovered the online collection of the Ben Uri Gallery Particularly liked Ghetto Theatre from 1920. Painted in 1920, this is a tightly composed work reflects Bomberg's unease following his war experiences. The gallery's website had this to say: In Ghetto Theatre, set in Whitechapel’s lively … Continue reading More on David Bomberg

David Bomberg in Mayfair

This post comes with a note to self: When the Tate magazine comes through the post, read it straight away, otherwise you might miss something wonderful.I almost missed an exhibition of some of Bomberg's works at Waterhouse and Dodd in Mayfair. Entitled 'Borough', this exhibition has bought together works by Bomberg and his students from … Continue reading David Bomberg in Mayfair

David Bomberg – Evening, Cornwall Towards St Ives

Up until now, my interest in David Bomberg has been from a Vorticist perspective.  The Mud Bath is one of my favourite paintings and the fact that he was actually born here in Birmingham in 1891 and lived on Florence Street in Digbeth added to the appeal: This week I visited the Herbert Museum and … Continue reading David Bomberg – Evening, Cornwall Towards St Ives

Now you see him…now you don’t!

My favourite section of Tate Britain has to be the moment I turn into the 1910 and 1915 rooms. Everyone I love is there: Nevison, Epstein, Gertler, Bomberg, Wyndham Lewis to name but a few. There has been a rehang and the two rooms are now combined. Bomberg's Mud Bath is now pride of place: These … Continue reading Now you see him…now you don’t!

David Bomberg: When a Vorticist is not a Vorticist

I have been purchasing old exhibition catalogues and two are of particular interest at the moment: Wyndham Lewis and Vorticism: The Tate Gallery, 6th July -19th August, 1956 and one from the 2nd March-9th April 1967 retrospective of David Bomberg. Everywhere I go at the moment, there seems to be a Bomberg.  Love popping into … Continue reading David Bomberg: When a Vorticist is not a Vorticist

Expressionism, Cubism and Vorticism at Higgins Bedford

I have developed a real love of Vorticism and the artists associated with that movement.  When this exhibition popped up, I had to make a decision whether a 90 minute drive was worth the chance that I would see some of the works of my favourite artists... it was! This exhibition was beautifully lit and … Continue reading Expressionism, Cubism and Vorticism at Higgins Bedford

Reality Questioned at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Took a trip down the M5 to Bristol and spent an enjoyable time at this exhibition.  As I have nothing better to do with my time, I wrote about some of the more interesting pieces. Enjoy! Reality Questioned - From Bomberg to Madani Oh yes, and if anyone is in the Bristol area - visit … Continue reading Reality Questioned at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery