Edvard Munch at the British Museum

First thing I need to say - the oil painting of The Scream IS NOT AT THE BRITISH MUSEUM!  I thought it was pretty obvious from the advertising but there was one rather disgruntled visitor when I was there on Tuesday! The subtitle of this exhibition: Love and Angst, is a little too simplistic when … Continue reading Edvard Munch at the British Museum

Roderic O’Conor

A post by Sotherby's brought this Irish artist and this work to my attention: SEASCAPE, ORANGE AND RED ROCKS Born in 1860 in Ireland, O'Connor spent most of his adult life in France. Friends with both Van Gogh and Gauguin, whose influence is apparent, O'Conor was being 'fauve' before the Fauves! An exhibition at the … Continue reading Roderic O’Conor

Let’s Hear it for the Girls 8: Marianne Von Werefkin

The era of painting that comes under the banner of 'Expressionism' has given us a wide range of artists to examine.  When one of those artists is a woman, then it is time to celebrate as this woman would have been working against all the odds to produce work that she believed in during the … Continue reading Let’s Hear it for the Girls 8: Marianne Von Werefkin

Chaim Soutine at the Courtauld – Review

http://www.waldemar.tv/2017/11/chaim-soutine-at-the-courtauld/ Not sure what I love more here: the art or Waldemar's writing!  This has made me smile from ear to ear.  (Warning: that is not what you will come away with. What you’ll come away with is the feeling that you’ve been in a cage with a Tasmanian wolf.)

El Greco

When I visited the Prado in August, I was impressed by El Greco's mannerist works and was struck by how much I was reminded of the expressionist works I had seen in Leicester's New Walk Art Gallery.  Here's the essay that came from that thought! El Greco: The Grandfather of Expressionism On my recent visit … Continue reading El Greco

Lyonel Feininger

A while ago I came across a crazy painting by Lyonel Feininger but promptly forgot about him until this appeared: I was going to do my customary research into this interesting man, but came across a far better piece of writing and more works than you can shake a paintbrush at!! Enjoy the fragmented world … Continue reading Lyonel Feininger

Haunting Symbolism:Leon Spilliaert

Just discovered this Belgian artist who combined the worlds of symbolism and expressionism in an oeuvre filled with melancholy, haunting landscapes and solitary figures. These two are quite beautiful and might just persuade me to put Brussels on my list for this year where most of his works are held. This man is worth getting … Continue reading Haunting Symbolism:Leon Spilliaert

German Expressionism in Leicester.

Today's trip to Leicester was astonishing. New Walk Museum and Art Gallery has an extensive collection of German Expressionism, but I didn't expect anything on this scale. The walls are filled with oil paintings, lithographs, etchings, and watercolours, statues are dotted around and there is even a soundscape, video and light show as well. There … Continue reading German Expressionism in Leicester.

Expressionism, Cubism and Vorticism at Higgins Bedford

I have developed a real love of Vorticism and the artists associated with that movement.  When this exhibition popped up, I had to make a decision whether a 90 minute drive was worth the chance that I would see some of the works of my favourite artists... it was! This exhibition was beautifully lit and … Continue reading Expressionism, Cubism and Vorticism at Higgins Bedford