Can we ever be tired of Leonora Carrington?

The answer to this is "Of course not! Are you mad?" The Paris Review had this article to share and it has a lovely sense of Leonora's own writing style about it.  The images are fabulous as well. Eggs and Horses and Dreams Sadly, this is in New York only until the end of the … Continue reading Can we ever be tired of Leonora Carrington?

Love and Angst: The Psychological Roots of Edvard Munch’s Images of Women

With an exciting exhibition opening at the British Museum and the fact that a year ago I was in Oslo exploring Munch, it seems to be the right time to share the essay I was inspired to write after an intense conversation about Munch's portrayal of women in his paintings.    Much has been written … Continue reading Love and Angst: The Psychological Roots of Edvard Munch’s Images of Women

More on Leon Spilliaert

There are some artists that I just connect with and Belgian artist Leon Spilliaert is one of them.  Found this chilling little film that beautifully captured the melancholy stillness of his work, particularly the landscapes. A small selection:  And an excellent article from Apollo magazine

Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Rovereto, Trento, Italy: a Tuesday and one of the best exhibitions my journeys have taken me to! 40mins from Verona, Rovereto is a picturesque town that clearly loves its art and culture. The Museo d'Arte dear Rovereto-Trentino was a surprise in itself: This review of the exhibition describes it much better than I can, so … Continue reading Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Haunting Symbolism:Leon Spilliaert

Just discovered this Belgian artist who combined the worlds of symbolism and expressionism in an oeuvre filled with melancholy, haunting landscapes and solitary figures. These two are quite beautiful and might just persuade me to put Brussels on my list for this year where most of his works are held. This man is worth getting … Continue reading Haunting Symbolism:Leon Spilliaert