Felix Vallotton at night

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158612491310337&id=674815336&sfnsn=scwshmo&extid=vIHEspTpmtvR8Czi Another virtual viewing, this time from a Facebook account I follow- Steven Ellcock. This account is incredibly varied and full of detail about the artists. Saw Vallotton at the Royal Academy in August last year and his use of colour, while startling at tìmes, is exquisite. These paintings, especially these two, are gorgeous!!

Léon Spilliaert, a Troubled and Troubling Painter – the low countries

https://www.the-low-countries.com/article/l%C3%A9on-spilliaert-a-troubled-and-troubling-painter-7 I was considering writing in a little more depth about Leon Spilliaert, as I've been discovering that I have focused on his melancholy seascapes, isolating night scenes of Ostend and lonely figures, and hadn't realised that there was more to his work in terms of emotional range. What I seem to be discovering is … Continue reading Léon Spilliaert, a Troubled and Troubling Painter – the low countries

Aspiration by Aaron Douglas

This amazing painting is currently at the Royal Academy in their America After the Fall exhibition and is worth the entrance fee alone! Painted in 1936 as one of four mural panels, the sheer scale of this is breathtaking. I was going to write about the symbolic elements, the use of geometric form, the palette, … Continue reading Aspiration by Aaron Douglas