Picasso Linocuts at the Lady Lever

Love coming  to Liverpool and this is such a beautiful place with little gems to explore. This season, they get have three setssof Linocuts from 1962 and it is really fascinating to see how Picasso developed the image through this method.  Gorgeous! 


Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

Rather than do the traditional sightseeing in Venice, I made a beeline for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and how happy I am with that decision. http://www.guggenheim-venice.it/inglese/default.html Here are some of my favourite pieces: Max Ernst Picasso - On the Beach Giacometti -Piazza and Woman Walking Miro    

Picasso in Vegas Pt 2

There I was watching the fabulous Alastair Sooke going through 'The World's Most Expensive Paintings' and when he gets to the top three, there he is sitting in a restaurant with two still life Picassos behind him: He was at the 2 Michelin star restaurant, Picasso, in The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Almost fell off … Continue reading Picasso in Vegas Pt 2

Picasso in Vegas Pt 1

Most people travel to Vegas to gamble, party and generally misbehave. However, for the purposes of art, I went to see a few works by PP as well as doing the proverbial! And here it is, in the lovely Bellagio Hotel. There are two parts to this post because, not only did I visit an … Continue reading Picasso in Vegas Pt 1

The most expensive painting in the world…

I watched this BBC documentary by the lovely Alaistair Sooke from 2011 yesterday: The World's Most Expensive Paintings The most expensive painting at the time was the glorious Nude, Green Leaves and Bust by Picasso which I got to see back in April at Tate Modern. But since this documentary was made, the market has … Continue reading The most expensive painting in the world…

Las Meninas

At Museu Picasso, I walked in on this wonderful canvas of Las Meninas.  Hadn't seen it before and was fascinated by Picasso's obsession with the original by Velazquez. Picasso, over a matter of a few months, recreating, reinterpreted and examined every aspect of the original painting. All 58 canvases are at the museum and they … Continue reading Las Meninas

Picasso and Dali at Museu Picasso, Barcelona

Am sitting in the bar of my hotel (get her) and pondering on what I saw today.   The Museum is one of the loveliest buildings I have been to...and I've been to a few!  The exhibition was beautifully curated with comparison pieces throughout. My notebook is full of information and if I translated that … Continue reading Picasso and Dali at Museu Picasso, Barcelona

Countdown to Picasso and Dali in Barcelona 4 

Sitting at Frankfurt Airport with nothing to do, thank goodness for free wifi and this Wall Street Journal review of the Picasso-Dali exhibition when it was in St Petersburg:  http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-relationship-fraught-and-fruitful-on-picasso-dali-dali-picasso-at-the-dali-museum-1419982238

Countdown to Picasso and Dali

Not long to go now so am aiming to find some interesting snippets about Pablo and Salvadore leading up to my visit. Number 1: Picasso loved boobs! Yes, we've all seen them, and I'm not aware of anyone going blind when confronted with a pair,  but apparently Fox TV network was so horrified by them … Continue reading Countdown to Picasso and Dali

A bit on Picasso

Great article in The Guardian today about Picasso. http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/feb/20/pablo-picasso-spanish-french-art-painter-paris After reading that I thought I'd have a closer look at Les Demoiselles d'Avignon as I find it so compelling and this documentary was quite useful. http://tune.pk/video/3311095/picasso-private-life-of-a-masterpiece-bbc-documentary Will also recommend Sue Rowe's excellent book, 'In Montmatre' for a closer look at Picasso, Matisse et al, gathering … Continue reading A bit on Picasso

Picasso comes to Birmingham

Like Byron, Pablo Picasso seems to have been "mad, bad and dangerous to know".  I heartily recommend Sue Roe's 'In Montmatre' for an insight into the early work of Picasso, Matisse et al. It was a delight to read and made going to see his 'Woman Sleeping in a Chair' from 1927 at The Barber … Continue reading Picasso comes to Birmingham