Countdown to Picasso and Dali in Barcelona 2 

Just for once I'm going to agree with Jonathan Jones. No, he wasn't, in my humble opinion.  Was Picasso a misogynist?     I love both of these. The Blue Nude is truly beautiful and Weeping Woman tells me that Picasso understood those inner turmoils of the female psyche.  

Countdown to Picasso and Dali

Not long to go now so am aiming to find some interesting snippets about Pablo and Salvadore leading up to my visit. Number 1: Picasso loved boobs! Yes, we've all seen them, and I'm not aware of anyone going blind when confronted with a pair,  but apparently Fox TV network was so horrified by them … Continue reading Countdown to Picasso and Dali

A bit on Picasso

Great article in The Guardian today about Picasso. After reading that I thought I'd have a closer look at Les Demoiselles d'Avignon as I find it so compelling and this documentary was quite useful. Will also recommend Sue Rowe's excellent book, 'In Montmatre' for a closer look at Picasso, Matisse et al, gathering … Continue reading A bit on Picasso

Picasso comes to Birmingham

Like Byron, Pablo Picasso seems to have been "mad, bad and dangerous to know".  I heartily recommend Sue Roe's 'In Montmatre' for an insight into the early work of Picasso, Matisse et al. It was a delight to read and made going to see his 'Woman Sleeping in a Chair' from 1927 at The Barber … Continue reading Picasso comes to Birmingham