Looking for solace: C. R. W. Nevinson and Futurism | Art UK

https://artuk.org/discover/stories/looking-for-solace-c-r-w-nevinson-and-futurism Excellent piece from Art UK on the exceptional Mr Nevinson!

Wyndham Lewis:Life, Art, War

After visiting the exhibition at IWM North, it seemed right to write about this particular twisted, bitter genius!  http://www.dailyartdaily.com/wyndham-lewis-life-art-war/

Leger in non colour shocker! 

Carrying on the theme of artists breaking their own mould, at the Degas to Picasso exhibition at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, I came across this: At first, I was thinking it must belong to the Futurists: geometric forms creating an industrial landscape. So image me my surprise to discover it was by Fernand Leger! … Continue reading Leger in non colour shocker! 

Luigi Russolo and a Dystopian Vision

I love connections, so what links the following: Luigi Russolo, Yevgeny Zamyatin and John Cage? Reading Electronic Sound, I was interested to see how John Cage predicted the future of music. Cage said, in 1937, "I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase unti we reach a music produced … Continue reading Luigi Russolo and a Dystopian Vision