Dali/Duchamp at The Royal Academy

Thought this might be interesting and it was. Interesting in that I really am having difficulty in seeing Dali as the surrealist genius that is talked about. I came away from this exhibition having learnt more about Duchamp and liking his sense of humour but perplexed about Dali- he tries too hard and his imagery … Continue reading Dali/Duchamp at The Royal Academy


Picasso and Dali at Museu Picasso, Barcelona

Am sitting in the bar of my hotel (get her) and pondering on what I saw today.   The Museum is one of the loveliest buildings I have been to...and I've been to a few!  The exhibition was beautifully curated with comparison pieces throughout. My notebook is full of information and if I translated that … Continue reading Picasso and Dali at Museu Picasso, Barcelona

Countdown to Picasso and Dali in Barcelona 4 

Sitting at Frankfurt Airport with nothing to do, thank goodness for free wifi and this Wall Street Journal review of the Picasso-Dali exhibition when it was in St Petersburg:  http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-relationship-fraught-and-fruitful-on-picasso-dali-dali-picasso-at-the-dali-museum-1419982238

Dali and Chupa Chups

one of many bizarre facts about Dali is that he designed the logo for the Spanish lollipops.  He suggested having the dais on the top of the lolly so that it always remained intact.  For a far more interesting exploration of Dali, try this episode of Modern Masters:  http://youtu.be/OkGfWZfRzWM And, if you are feeling that you … Continue reading Dali and Chupa Chups