Ravilious & Co:The Pattern of Friendship

Went to Compton Verney to see this exhibition today. I'm not the biggest fan of watercolours but there were some interesting works here from Ravilious and his friends and contemporaries. The design parts did nothing for me, but when you have a Nash landscape in front of you, you have to pay attention! Here are … Continue reading Ravilious & Co:The Pattern of Friendship

A Trip into Limbo

Went to Compton Verney yesterday and saw this small oil by Pieter Huys, a 16th century Flemish artist who, as you will see, was greatly influenced by Bosch.   This is Descent into Limbo from between 1547 and 1577. When you get up close, you can see a number of similarities to Bosch's work.  As … Continue reading A Trip into Limbo