Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s “Hunters in the Snow” Captures the Perilous Little Ice Age

https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-deadly-truth-pieter-bruegel-elders-idyllic-winter-landscapes Love Bruegel and seriously love this painting! Very good article about the Little Ice Age.

Franz Sedlacek and Magic Realism

Twitter is useful for finding artworks and artists that I have not come across before...and it strikes again with Franz Sedlacek. Biog details first: Born in 1891 in Breslau and moved to Linz when he was 6. Sedlacek was already showing a talent for drawing, especially characters and after graduating he moved to Vienna whete … Continue reading Franz Sedlacek and Magic Realism

Bruegel in Bath

Discovered that an exhibition exploring the dynasty of the Bruegel family is about to end in Bath this weekend, so a quick half term rethink is needed.  The exhibition is at The Holburne Museum on Bath, entitled 'Bruegel:Defining a Dynasty', and the main work on display is this: Wedding Dance in the Open Air newly … Continue reading Bruegel in Bath