Found it!!

I do love a bit of arty exploration, so today I went in search of this, Eduardo Paolozzi's wall mural: Berlin's Street Art And it wasn't too onerous a task, but what a pity it will soon disappear again! Addendum 1 June Went back to the Berlischer Gallerie for a second attempt at seeing Berlin … Continue reading Found it!!

Berlin and Leipzig

Normally I wait to get back before I blog about my travels, but I'm going to attempt writing on the hoof, so to speak. The plan is to visit four galleries in Berlin itself and a day trip to Leipzig for their fine arts museum. A special journey is planned to see a recently revealed … Continue reading Berlin and Leipzig

Berlin’s Street Art This is one of those 'wow' moments, followed by 'aww, no'. Plan to visit Berlin in May so may get to see this; would be a shame if it is hidden again. I last visited in 2011: school trip which was interesting! But here are some of the photos I took back then.