Edvard Munch:Love and Angst reviews

In preparation for next week: The Guardian Edvard Munch: Love and Angst review – shattering despair for all to see The Guardian Edvard Munch: Love and Angst review – 'ripples of trauma hit you like a bomb' The Standard Ecard Munch: Sensitive and believable images pack a punch The Arts Desk Edvard Munch: Love and … Continue reading Edvard Munch:Love and Angst reviews


Love and Angst: The Psychological Roots of Edvard Munch’s Images of Women

With an exciting exhibition opening at the British Museum and the fact that a year ago I was in Oslo exploring Munch, it seems to be the right time to share the essay I was inspired to write after an intense conversation about Munch's portrayal of women in his paintings.    Much has been written … Continue reading Love and Angst: The Psychological Roots of Edvard Munch’s Images of Women

Maurice Wade: Painter of light and shade

“In answer to the question as to why I paint in the way I do, employing mostly a hard formalism with an emphasis on geometrical shapes and sombre-toned colours, I would say that in this way I am best able to interpret the particular character of the situation.”   Thanks to a good and knowledgeable … Continue reading Maurice Wade: Painter of light and shade

Jeff Koons at The Ashmolean

If I'm honest, all I really knew of Jeff Koons was through phrases you would put into Google to find out who this artist is in the canon of pop culture: Married to Cicciolina, inflatables, kitsch, To find the Ashmolean putting on an exhibition was a bit weird, but boredom trumped curiosity today, and I … Continue reading Jeff Koons at The Ashmolean

Pierre Bonnard at Tate Modern

When I finished with Dorothea, I dropped into Pierre Bonnard and I was going to write about this mammoth exhibition, but I'm actually going to post Waldemar's review instead because for every note he makes, I'm in total agreement. I just could not get on with Pierre at all, with the exception of this: Here's … Continue reading Pierre Bonnard at Tate Modern

The blurry world of Dorothea Tanning

March struck and I was determined to do a little bit of travelling after Paris in January and New York last month, so London seemed an obvious decision with the temptation of a little surrealism with Dorothea Tanning. Being a girl, like to look my best but managed to stick my mascara brush in my … Continue reading The blurry world of Dorothea Tanning

Winslow Homer: Master of the Seas

My visit to the Met last week brought me into contact with Winslow Homer's work, and in particular his seascapes. Three of them were incredible to view, due to the nature of the brushwork. Cannon Rock: Northeaster: Winslow Homer - Metropolitan Museum of Art It was interesting to read that Homer went to Paris in … Continue reading Winslow Homer: Master of the Seas

Met happiness today, and it looked like this!

As we all know, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is huge so this post is going to be small. In a corner of gallery 813 was a small oil by my beloved Vilhelm Hammershoi: Moonlight, Strandgade 30 is a typical interior but, as always, look closely at the brushwork. On the windowsill are two white … Continue reading Met happiness today, and it looked like this!

Hopper at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Ever since I started this journey, New York has been my holy grail. And, I'm finally here! First stop yesterday was the Neue Gallery: German expressionism in a beautiful building. The building lived up to expectations but sadly, only one room was open due to a new exhibition being set up. Strangely, did not see … Continue reading Hopper at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Lest we forget? IWM North

At the end of this interactive, immersive exhibition, we are asked to consider the question posed by its title and vote on a scale of how in danger of 'forgetting' the First World War we are. The title is normally to be found on war memorials all over the world. Originally used by Rudyard Kipling … Continue reading Lest we forget? IWM North

Je suis désolée, Fernand. I was wrong!

Fernand Léger at Tate Liverpool Remember this?  I struggled with Léger when I went to see the current exhibition at Tate Liverpool.  I even laughed when the first work I saw at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris last month was Les Disques from 1918! Would I never understand Fernand? It was bothering me … Continue reading Je suis désolée, Fernand. I was wrong!

Camille Claudel

My journey into art history has now entered its fifth year and it is becoming increasingly focused on specific artworks and artists. To start 2019, I took a few days in Paris, in Montmartre, to be exact as I wanted to look at the Impressionists in more detail by roaming the area where they lived … Continue reading Camille Claudel

Top 5 of 2018

Here we are again; end of another year of travels with my art... really must think of a new name for this! Another great year of art, with old favourites and new artists arriving at art galleries I made my way to.  With visits to Oslo, Belgium, Berlin and Vienna, this year, there were more … Continue reading Top 5 of 2018

Fernand Léger at Tate Liverpool

I am so happy that I squeezed a final exhibition in 2018 and that it was this one...because I didn't actually like it. No, that's not true. What I should say is that I didn't really get it! Léger has been an odd one for me on this journey as he is everywhere. Wherever there … Continue reading Fernand Léger at Tate Liverpool