Movements of small tension…movements of great tension: Cutting Edge at Dulwich Picture Gallery

There is movement and movement. There are movements of small tension and movements of great tension and there is also a movement which our eyes cannot catch although it can be felt. In art this state is called dynamic movement. A quotation from the Russian artist, Kazimir Malevich may seem a little out of place … Continue reading Movements of small tension…movements of great tension: Cutting Edge at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Stained glass in Glasgow Cathedral

Following on from the wonderful windows by Chagall in Germany at the start of the summer hols... I spent a fair bit of time in Glasgow's cathedral and the various styles of window there. I couldn't get a great picture of the window, so this link will suffice:

“My love does it good” ðŸŽ¶

This refrain from "My Love" by Paul McCartney and Wings has been in my head all evening because I went to see the Linda McCartney Retrospective at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery today. I'm a huge Beatles fan, but I am not too interested in seeing anything about them now. After 40 years I do … Continue reading “My love does it good” ðŸŽ¶

Cool blue comfort

Today I made a deliberate trip to Mainz, 40 km from Frankfurt as I had read that Marc Chagall designed the stained glass windows in St Stephan's Church.I am fond of Chagall's dream-like paintings, but do not know too much about him, certainly did not know he designed stained glass. I can honestly say this … Continue reading Cool blue comfort

Keith Haring at Tate Liverpool

Think this will be short - go and see this!!! Guess I should fill in some of the space here. This is a marvellous exhibition of someone whose work I knew just a little of, but this was a real education into his brief, but action packed career. The early beginnings are really interesting and … Continue reading Keith Haring at Tate Liverpool

In Real Life- Olafur Eliasson at Tate Modern

Summer holidays are almost here and plans for another arty one are underway. This is on the list and I'm increasingly excited about the prospect, the more I read about it. Wonderful quote from Eliasson: "I think that culture and art can ask questions, can entice and inspire you to evaluate things in a greater … Continue reading In Real Life- Olafur Eliasson at Tate Modern

Ernst, Miro, Tate Liverpool and a slice of cake

That is a title that has never been used before!! Tate Membership means I skip between London and Liverpool...a lot, so I get my money's worth. First tip is to have the chocolate and orange mousse cake in Tate Liverpool with 10% off. That put me in the mood for a fun day with Haring, … Continue reading Ernst, Miro, Tate Liverpool and a slice of cake

Cutting Edge: Modernist British Printmaking review – into the fast lane with humble lino | Art and design | The Guardian

Am starting to plan arty trips for the summer holidays and this is a definite priority. Check out the trailer.

Sorolla -Master of Light …entertainment

When the email arrived from the National Gallery saying there was only a few weeks left for the exhibition of Joaquin Sorolla's works, I thought I would pop down to check it out as I missed out on going to his museum in Madrid last year. The reviews I read were luke warm, but I … Continue reading Sorolla -Master of Light …entertainment

Mike Nelson at Tate Britain review — junkyard sculptures lament our industrial past – Waldemar Januszczak On my last visit to Tate Britain, I wandered through this labyrinth of old, disused machinery with the wonder that seems to be an integral part of my genetic make-up. Waldemar describes it much more eloquently than I can, but here are some of my photographs, with some added effects!

Can we ever be tired of Leonora Carrington?

The answer to this is "Of course not! Are you mad?" The Paris Review had this article to share and it has a lovely sense of Leonora's own writing style about it.  The images are fabulous as well. Eggs and Horses and Dreams Sadly, this is in New York only until the end of the … Continue reading Can we ever be tired of Leonora Carrington?

Surprise in store at the Walker

The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool is one of my favourite places to visit.  Countless gems in there and I was under the impression that I had explored it all.  Yesterday, I found I was wrong - Rooms 1 and 2 were unknown to me, so with a skip in my step, off I went … Continue reading Surprise in store at the Walker

Rennie Mackintosh at the Walker

It's taken three attempts to come and see this exhibition. Thank goodness I am a Museum of Liverpool member, as this could have been costly!! The name Cameron Rennie Mackintosh is synonymous with the Art Nouveau movement, and today items based on his designs can be seen in many a souvenir shop nestled in National … Continue reading Rennie Mackintosh at the Walker

Hammershøi: Master of Danish Painting

My day started incredibly well. Caught the early train to Paris ...yes this was a day trip for one reason and one reason only: There was a museum with a Vilhelm Hammershøi exhibition on and I wanted to be there! The posts tagged 'Vilhelm Hammershøi; might explain why!  It ended with a terrible return journey … Continue reading Hammershøi: Master of Danish Painting