It may be noticeable that I go to Liverpool and the Wirral a lot! Sorely missing my trips up the M6, even though I complain about the jams and mayhem that usually ensues.

Of course I spend a lot of time at the Tate, the Walker and the Museum of Liverpool, but there are two smaller galleries that I really love to visit, one is the Lady Lever Gallery whose Ginger Loaf I can heartily recommend! And the other is the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, in Birkenhead. Like the Lady Lever, it is part of the National Museums of Liverpool and it is a little gem! Apart from the art side of things, there is a second hand book shop in there and the cake is good too – so three positive points there!

The Williamson posted something yesterday that I have to share as it is so delicious and that is related to this statue, Pauline by Giulio Tadolini:

Tadolini came from a line of sculptors and his grandfather was an apprentice of the wonderful Antonio Canova. This statue is a tribute to one that Canova produced which is in the Villa Borghese and is the Statue of Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix

Our Pauline is a stunner as you can see from these images:

But what is gorgeous is this projection installation by Davy and Kristin McGuire that was at the Williamson as part of the Museums at Night in 2015. Enjoy!