Culture in Quarantine – Art Deco by the Sea exhibition

I got to go to an exhibition today!!  Nah, not really.  But the BBC’s series, Culture in Quarantine, had a fabulous little film of an exhibition in conjunction with the Sainsbury Centre of ‘Art Deco by the Sea’ 

It’s smashing film and I do love the travel posters of that period, so this was a little bit of joy amongst all the crapness.  It talks about this series of LNER posters and how the artist, Tom Purvis created them as a linked series.  I was going to look for them and stitch them together to see the effect, but a full set was on sale, last year on an estimate of £20,000-25,000 and it was done for me:

tom-purvis-east-coast-joys_combinedFor more information on these and more on the artist, check out this link:

Complete set of classic Art Deco-style vintage travel posters by Tom Purvis for sale at auction for the first time