What I did on my travels pt2


Thought I’d combine music, art and history in one visit and took a train to Rouen.

What a badly organised trip this was!!

As this was the place Joan of Arc was imprisoned and burnt at the stake, I thought this would be a perfect historical trip. It has the dungeon, the place marked where she died, a church in her honour and an historical centre…all were closed!!

I am meticulous in my research and I even contacted the Rouen Art Gallery directly to make sure that they were open on a Monday, and they were, just nothing else was!!

Went and took photos where I could including the beautiful statue in Rouen Cathedral but dopey here managed to delete them before they had backed up to the cloud. Oh dear!! Day wasn’t going well, but, here at least was the dungeon!!

Kudos to the train company though, I was able to take an earlier train back to Paris without too much fuss.

Luckily, the art gallery had a room full of Joans, so it wasn’t a totally wasted day!!