Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

I have written about Kirchner’s nudes before and there is an amazing one for sale at Sotherby’s: Nude at the Mirror.

Nude at a mirror - ELK

Sotherby’s also has a really interesting video and catalogue note to go with this work.

Kirchner transcends the laws of perception

Catalogue note

I so liked this quote:

‘Writing about Kirchner’s figure paintings, Norman Rosenthal commented: ‘His depictions of men and women, naked or clothed, together or alone, are made so remarkable by their truthfulness, their sense of happiness, ecstasy, sadness or thoughtfulness, seemingly “betraying”, as Lucius Grisebach has pointed out, “no allegorical or symbolic intent. He painted and drew his subjects in everyday attitudes without troubling over deeper meanings.”’

As one of the founder members of Die Brücke, Kirscher’s work embodies the ideals set by the group; to break away from the current ideas of art and to form a ‘bridge’ with the more primitive and simpler art forms of the past.

At an estimate of between £3-£5million, it might just be beyond my reach, but wherever you can find a Kirchner, he is always work taking a closer look.