Keith Haring at Tate Liverpool

Think this will be short – go and see this!!!

Guess I should fill in some of the space here. This is a marvellous exhibition of someone whose work I knew just a little of, but this was a real education into his brief, but action packed career.

The early beginnings are really interesting and I was enthralled by the video of him drawing on a floor and backing himself into a corner. Not a single inch of that floor was left uncovered, and the speed in which he created his figures, symbols, patterns was phenomenal.

After a while, you started to recognise the patterns of the icons he was using:

Barking dog, baby, flying saucer, nuclear, TV, computer, robots, religion and money.

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Living through the 80s, these were powerful reminders of that decade and all that it stood for. However, the one that hit home for me was the man with the hole in his middle. This figure came about after John Lennon was shot in 1980; an incident that has particularly personal resonance for me.

Haring sadly died at the very young age of 31 in 1990 of AIDS related complications. The only work I previously knew of his was this:


Such a powerful image that still hold true today.

The best bit was the middle with the neon lit room – seriously loved the vibrancy of this room; simply crazy:

This is on for the whole summer and is just brilliant!!!


This beautiful review just appeared on my timeline: