David Barnes -on my wall!

When I was introduced to Kyffin Williams, I had a real sense of shock – shock at seeing such melancholic, intense landscapes, shock at the depth of the impasto paint that he employed and shock that I had not come across him before!

Having made a trip to Swansea to see their collection, I did come away feeling quite envious and sad that I would never afford one of his paintings (same with Theodore Major, Maurice Wade and James Isherwood, but that is another story!)

However, I was then pointed in the direction of David Barnes.  Born in Africa, Barnes has adopted the Welsh landscape as his own.  Use of the palette knife creates a vibrancy in the work; you can hear the waves crashing, or the wind whistling around the mountains.

How do I know this?  The reason is that I now own a stunning Barnes:



The morning I bought this, a number of Kyffin’s paintings appeared in an auction catalogue and this one was particularly stunning!


How gorgeous!  My local art gallery had a selection of eight Barnes paintings that I had looked at.  So, having been bitten by the Kyffin bug, I took the plunge and bought this.  Looking at the work in close-up, I think you might just understand why I had to own this!