Mandy Payne: Out of Place

I came across Mandy Payne’s work in 2014 at the John Moore’s Prize at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool with ‘Brutal’.

mandypayne Brutal

I can distinctly remember walking into the room and spotting it from a distance.  As approached, I was struck by the way you are drawn onto the walkway.  Realising that it was painted onto concrete gave it an added flavour.

No Ball Games Here, Mandy Payne, 2015

In the following competition, there was another one by Mandy, and this one I just fell in love with.  The perspective, the detail and, again, the rough texture of the ‘canvas’ made it hyper real.

Although Mandy has painted the brutalist architecture of Northern Britain, in the main, by growing up in Birmingham during the 70s and 80s , I had a real sense of ‘being there’.

This was so apparent when I visited Lakeside Art Centre on Thursday for the private viewing of her latest exhibition: Out of Place.

Mandy Payne: Out of Place

What you will find, if you go there before the 28th October, is a series of works on concrete, on marble and stone lithographs that explore the decaying urban landscape around us but, which in that decay, creates a striking contrast to what is going up in its place.  I could recognise the 70s shopping precincts that sprang up all over the country, in the name of progress but which quickly became ‘no go’ zones in the 80s.  The multi-story car parks and high rise flats that gave each city a horizon that should have compared to New York are depicted in their abandoned state.

This was such an honour to finally get to see a collection of Mandy’s work and also to meet her in these circumstances.

Well worth a visit if you can.