Mandy Payne: Out of Place

I came across Mandy Payne's work in 2014 at the John Moore's Prize at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool with 'Brutal'. I can distinctly remember walking into the room and spotting it from a distance.  As approached, I was struck by the way you are drawn onto the walkway.  Realising that it was painted onto … Continue reading Mandy Payne: Out of Place

August Strindberg paints!

When I was at uni did a module on plays by Ibsen and August Strindberg and although I liked and understood Ibsen’s work, I did find myself more drawn to Strindberg, especially, the play, Miss Julie. This morning, while sleepless and scrolling I came across this painting by Strindberg called Packis i stranden, which translates … Continue reading August Strindberg paints!

Master of gore: the violent, shocking genius of Jusepe de Ribera | Art and design | The Guardian Another trip to London is on the cards , not least for another viewing of Ribera' s Apollo and Marsyas!

Highlights from Vienna 4: Franz Sedlacek

Another artist I had explored before seeing any of his works was Franz Sedlacek: The Albertina art gallery was the source of being able to look closely at the brushwork. This is Winter Landscape, from 1925, which reminded me of Breugel's painting. I loved the detail of snow on the trees, in particular. These … Continue reading Highlights from Vienna 4: Franz Sedlacek