Why taking it slow in an art gallery could change your life | Art and design | The Guardian


This is a really interesting read as I went to Hepworth Wakefield today for Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain and did just that: slowly looked.

I was thrilled to discover my girl crush, Leonora Carrington there with ‘Pastoral’ from 1950 and I just looked.

In dappled sunlight, the stream flowed, the reeds and lily pads gently moved. Low murmering of the hybrid couples, enjoying the food on offer, was faint, drowned out by the tree dwellers’ sweet song. A wide variety of animals slowly come closer and the Zebrantelope watches over everyone, watching, guarding, ensuring peace reigns.

This was a scene that you would long to visit and stay a while, soaking in the atmosphere.

Go and see this exhibition if you can. There are lots of treats like this to be found.