Leipzig, not Leipzig

That sounds a little surreal!

Today should have been a trip out to Leipzig…but at almost €100 for a ticket, I declined and headed out to the Charlottenburg area instead. It will mean a visit tomorrow to the gallery that was closed yesterday! Silver linings, eh!

Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg

I do love a bit of surrealism. I vividly remember making my parents watch Brunel’s La Chien Andalou when I was about 15 – whoops! They knew then that I was a bit odd and left me to it!

However, apart from Dali, I didn’t know too much about the movement. Now, thanks to a good teacher, I have more of an appreciation:

Surreal it is, surreal it ain’t

The exhibition is called Surreal Worlds, and while I would argue that not all of these artists are strictly surrealists, this was a gentle meander through some beautifully curated rooms, spending it with Herr Ernst and dear old Rene, plus the calm exterior charm of Sr d’Chirico

Max Ernst, Landscape with Shells, 1928
Max Ernst, The Autoritarian, 1923
Rene Magritte, Gaspard The Nightwalker,1965
Giorgio d’Chirico, The Great Metaphysician, 1948

Pleasingly, I came across a few names I did not know:

French sculptor, Henri Laurens, whose work was predominantly cubist and reminded me of Henri Gaudier-Breszka.

And Gerald Altenburg, who created an image of such pathos entitled The Screamer. He wears a fool’s cap and his ‘scream’ is more of a moan than the shriek we might associate with such an action.

Museum Berggruen

Now this was an absolute jewel, and only across the street!

Beautiful building and it housed more Pablo Picasso than you could shake a cube at!

I’ve written a lot about Pablo, so there is nothing to add other than these images:

I am also a bit of a Giacometti fan and there were four pieces. He said that he could only ever do inert women and walking men, but he said nothing about cats!!

There is something so delicately fragile, lonely and yet majestic about his sculptures. I recommend the film about Giacometti, starring Geoffrey Rush. Like so many artists it is hard to like them personally but you cannot deny the genius of the art!

Final Portrait

Who else? Henri Matisse was well represented here

His cut outs, in particular, are so joyful. If ever you feel miserable, taking a stroll with his ‘painting with scissors’ will immediately lighten the mood.

The museum also holds the biggest collection of Paul Klee works, and although I’m not a fan, it is worth seeing.

I could go on…BUT I won’t.

More tomorrow with the German Expressionist, I hope!

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