Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Today started with a walk to the Old National Gallerie.

Gorgeous building, suitably grand and with beautiful staircases.

Came for the Wanderlust exhibition with the prize of Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer above a Sea of Fog.

My eye tended to skim over the Romantic Period and rested ever so pleasingly on the likes of Kirchner, Macke and Nolde in this exhibition:

The brushwork on Nolde’s ‘Winter’ was a joy to get close to. The thick impasto style was delicious and very touchable! Pity there were so many guards around!

The other highlights in the gallery included this beautiful Hammershoi.

I try not to check out what is in a gallery anymore as, if it’s not on display, I feel cheated. So, to walk into a room and meet another Hammershoi, especially one as softly painted as this was a joy. It was certainly an ‘exhale gently’ moment.

Naughty Segantini

I have an issue with this gentleman and took a selfie with him as I am just the sort of woman he would hate! Unfortunately, I love his art and have been lucky enough to see some of his large landscapes during my travels.

This is Returning Home and, at first, you don’t realise that the cart has a third person on board…a loved one on his/her final journey.

The beautiful sunset actoss the canvas juxtaposes the grim darkness of their load. His brushwork is simply beautiful. Damn the man!

Next on my list was a long stroll over to a modern art gallery, Berlinische Galerie. Weather is sunny and 30°C, so anything more than a stroll would have been hellish! Imagine my irritation to arrive and discover it was closed due to a fault!! So near and yet so far!

More tomorrow on modern art over at Charlottenburg!

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