Black Abstraction. A story in 200 words

This story begins with a dot.

Tiny, insignificant and in the dark. Dot has travelled far. There is a light within Dot but poor Dot is overwhelmed by the darkness, trapped in its inky centre. If we look carefully, however, there is a faint halo of light within the darkness that may or may not be emanating from Dot, that may or may not be hope.

But what happened to Dot?

Has Dot plummeted off that sheer drop and landed with such force that there is no forward momentum?

Facing Dot is a path but poor Dot doesn’t have any energy to move. The end of the path is just in sight but, it goes up and over back to the top where Dot will start again to repeat the cycle over and over.


Has Dot travelled the winding, bumpy path that has been difficult but, through it all, Dot kept going?

However, Dot has now come up against a massive cliff face that is impossible to climb without help and support but Dot is all alone there, stranded.

What will happen to Dot?

I guess, in the end, it would all depend on your point of view.


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