Found it!!

I do love a bit of arty exploration, so today I went in search of this, Eduardo Paolozzi's wall mural: Berlin's Street Art And it wasn't too onerous a task, but what a pity it will soon disappear again! Addendum 1 June Went back to the Berlischer Gallerie for a second attempt at seeing Berlin … Continue reading Found it!!

Leipzig, not Leipzig

That sounds a little surreal! Today should have been a trip out to Leipzig...but at almost €100 for a ticket, I declined and headed out to the Charlottenburg area instead. It will mean a visit tomorrow to the gallery that was closed yesterday! Silver linings, eh! Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg I do love a bit of surrealism. … Continue reading Leipzig, not Leipzig

Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Today started with a walk to the Old National Gallerie. Gorgeous building, suitably grand and with beautiful staircases. Came for the Wanderlust exhibition with the prize of Caspar David Friedrich's Wanderer above a Sea of Fog. My eye tended to skim over the Romantic Period and rested ever so pleasingly on the likes of Kirchner, … Continue reading Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Berlin and Leipzig

Normally I wait to get back before I blog about my travels, but I'm going to attempt writing on the hoof, so to speak. The plan is to visit four galleries in Berlin itself and a day trip to Leipzig for their fine arts museum. A special journey is planned to see a recently revealed … Continue reading Berlin and Leipzig

American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*

  I have had my ticket for this exhibition for months and even booked in a lecture. But, during the wait, my head was turned by the discovery of what looks like an even more exciting exhibition on in San Francisco, Cult of the Machine, that would be impossible to get to! Oh the heartbreak! … Continue reading American ‘cool’ at The Ashmolean *Spoilers*

Black Abstraction. A story in 200 words

This story begins with a dot. Tiny, insignificant and in the dark. Dot has travelled far. There is a light within Dot but poor Dot is overwhelmed by the darkness, trapped in its inky centre. If we look carefully, however, there is a faint halo of light within the darkness that may or may not … Continue reading Black Abstraction. A story in 200 words

Everything will be taken away

  Discovered the work of New York artist, Adrian Piper, and her long running series, 'Everything will be taken away'. Something about this has hit a nerve.  The ambiguity of the sentence is so intense and can be read into so many situations. Taken from a line by Alexander Solzhenitsyn : Once you have taken … Continue reading Everything will be taken away